Warcross by Marie Lu

Emika Chen is a poor girl living without any family. She’s a bounty hunter and hacker whose job is to track down those who owe money to the game of Warcross – a virtual reality game that everyone plays. She has no food and is down to her last $13 in her bank account and owes thousands of dollars to her landlord so her most recent hunt is vital to her survival.

However, when she catches the culprit, the police arrive and claim that she’s not the one to win the bounty – someone else has claimed this hunt.

Desolate and desperate, she goes home and puts on her VR glasses to watch the Warcross draft – a yearly event. In the midst of the draft, she tries a new hack that she’s discovered and suddenly glitches herself into the game. The players and the spectators can see her, where before she was an anonymous viewer. Panicked, she shuts off her glasses and starts to freak out.

Now, on top of her other problems, she’s sure of the fact that she’ll be in big trouble, perhaps even face jail time for messing with the Warcross world. However, rather than punish her, Warcross founder Hideo Tanaka decides to hire her as a hacker. He’s trying to solve a mystery and she’s just the person to help.

Marie Lu is a wonder. I’ve very much enjoyed her Legend series and her Young Elites series. Warcross is book 1 in a new series that starts out with a lot of promise! Great writing and good character development are to be expected from Lu but I was surprised about the technical aspects and how easy it was to follow. For me, this book is reminiscent of Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Check out Warcross in our catalog here.