Assistive Technology

Services for Our Customers with Disabilities

The Warren-Newport Public Library complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Patrons needing an accommodation for a disability are asked to contact the administrative office at 847/244-5150 at least 48 hours in advance.

Homebound Service

Patrons physically unable to visit the library or the bookmobile can request library materials be delivered to their residence. The outreach department will schedule the delivery and pickup of materials with each patron requesting this service.

Large Print Books

The library has hardcover and paperback large print books for adults and children. A large print edition of Reader’s Digest magazine is also available. This collection includes nonfiction, general fiction, mysteries, romances, westerns, biographies, recent bestsellers, and more. Titles not owned by the Warren-Newport Public Library may be available through interlibrary loan.


Hand-held magnifiers (2X-20X) are available for in-library use. A clamp-on illuminated lamp magnifier and a freestanding magnifier are also available. Ask at adult services.

Illinois Relay Service

Patrons with hearing or speech disabilities can use a text telephone to call a Communications Assistant at 1-800-526-0844. They will then call the library (at 847-244-5150) and relay conversations.

Electronic Magnification System

A video camera and TV monitor, located in adult services, enlarges images up to 45 times in size.

Magnification Software

This software magnifies whatever is on the computer screen, including the Internet, the online catalog, and CD-ROM resources. Located on Terminal 1, Internet Row in adult services, it magnifies 2X to 16X. The text-to-speech component reads characters, words or lines of text. Ask at adult services for headphones and instructions.

Electronic Ears

Sound amplifiers are available for people who are hard-of-hearing. These devices are portable, sanitary, self-contained and hearing-aid compatible. Ask for the electronic ears at the adult and youth services desks.

Electric Scooter

Library visitors with limited mobility can use an electric scooter to get around the library when needed. It is easy to use and comes with a front basket. Ask at the checkout desk.