Answers to RFP Questions

For a PDF of this document, click here.
For a drawing of the sorter room, click here.

Answers to RFP questions:

1. Should offerors include tax on their price quote? If so, can you please confirm the rate.
We are a tax-exempt organization, so there should be no tax included on the price quote.

2. Do you currently have interior or exterior patron returns?
We have one interior patron return that feeds into our existing automated materials handling system. We have an exterior patron return located near the front of the building and two external book drops. We do not plan to incorporate our exterior/external patron book returns into the new AMH solution.

3. Are you able to provide CAD drawings (in DWG and/or PDF) of the room?
The PDF of the drawings of the room we have can be accessed by clicking here.

4. Is the winning vendor responsible for uninstalling and removing the current AMH in place?
Yes, unless our current vendor is interested in uninstalling and removing our current AMH, which may be a possibility as parts for our current AMH can be difficult to acquire.

5. For the requested electronic version of the proposal, can vendors email a PDF or is a USB submission preferred?
A PDF email of the proposal is fine.

6. Is the library able to provide CAD drawings of the room that the sorter will be placed? All we really need is confirmation that the cubby where the patron inlet enters the sorter room is 36” across and 30” deep.
Those dimensions for the patron inlet are correct. See the answer to question #3 for a PDF of the drawings we have.

7. How does the library showcase it’s holds i.e. shelved, sticky on outside, inside, etc. etc.
Holds are showcased on shelving near the circulation desk. Here is a photo of how we showcase holds:

8. Is Warren Newport PLD able to list all RFID tag formats that CCS consortium uses?
We are in the process of communicating with CCS about other libraries’ RFID tag formats and we will update this page with the information once we receive it. That said, we are confident that all CCS RFID libraries use RFID tags that are compatible with the latest standards as we have not experienced any issues with our current AMH solution.

9. Explain how feature films are identified in your ILS?
We have a field in the item record for a stat code that says “Feature Film”.

10. On page 9, Pricing, the RFP asks for “Provide pricing for conveyance as an additional option.” What is this conveyance to be used for? Conveyance is typically included in the system price.
In this instance, conveyance refers to technologies some vendors utilize as add-ons for their AMH system solutions. For example, some vendors offer a “singulator” technology to their automatic sorters that save physical space.

11. Can you provide additional details around the need for a tote management system? Will other CCS libraries be purchasing tote management systems?
The language in the RFP suggests that a tote management system is necessary for WNPL. It is not at this time, but, in an effort to future-proof our AMH for any unanticipated changes in the future (i.e., if a rural part of our library district gets developed and requires us to open a branch library, if CCS becomes completely automated in the future), we would be interested in learning about any tote management/transport system you might offer. Such a system might also assist us with moving items between our main library and our bookmobile.