Red Notice by Bill Browder

Book Cover

Red Notice is a true story of one man’s fight with the Russian government.  Bill Browder was young, ambitious and fresh-out-of-college when he entered the financial market in 1989. Because of his interest in his family’s history, he declares to his manager that he’d like to work in Russia. While his colleagues think this is a crazy idea, they do agree that should they acquire a client from that region, Browder was the one to call.

Fast forward a few years and Bill Browder is a billionaire thanks to Russia’s mass privatization in 1996. The Russian government doesn’t like this at all and blacklists him from the country as being a threat to national security. All those close to Bill are also at risk, mostly notably his friend and attorney, Sergei Magnitsky who is tortured and eventually killed by the Russian government.

Magnitsky’s death weighs on Browder’s conscience and he basically turns from investor to social activist in order to find justice for his lost friend.

The story is very timely with the current Russian investigation and voter fraud. The reader sees the attitude and inner-workings of the Russian government and can understand how the unbelievable suddenly feels believable. Browder is a stand-up guy who wants to do what’s right. I’m left feeling anxious for his safety, as he is still in danger today. Find Red Notice in our catalog here.