The Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware

21 year old Harriet Westaway lives alone with no family or friends to keep her company. Her mother died tragically in an accident 3 years ago and since then she’s been left to make a living for herself by doing the only thing she knows how to do — reading Tarot Cards for tourists.  As a young woman striving to make ends meet, she’s made some poor financial decisions, including borrowing money from a loan shark. Despite working to pay him off, he’s angry with her and she’s now being threatened with her life.

Just when she’s absolutely at her lowest point, she conveniently receives a letter from a lawyer pronouncing that Harriet is due an inheritance from the death of a grandmother. While she wants to be excited, Harriet is very positive that her maternal grandparents died long before she was born and she was told that her father never even knew she existed.  Harriet is sure that this is not an inheritance that is hers. And yet she’s broke and lonely with nothing to lose so she decides to accept the invitation to attend the funeral and see what happens. After all, it WAS her name and address on the letter.

Once she arrives at the family estate, she finds that the mystery deepens. Is Harriet the rightful owner of this money? Why was her mother’s life such a secret? And also, why does someone she’s never met hate her so much?

The Death of Mrs. Westaway is a good thriller for a summer beach day…or for any day. Harriet is a well-rounded and relatable character.  If you enjoyed The Girl on the Train, you may also enjoy The Death of Mrs. Westaway. 

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