The Losers Club by Andrew Clements

Alex Spencer reads too much! What?! Is that even possible? It is and he’s at risk for losing his summer plans because of it.

In the latest book by Andrew Clements, The Losers Club, too much reading can be a bad thing. Alex’s principal is frustrated over his habit of reading books during class and not paying attention during classes. If he doesn’t start paying attention, and stop reading, he won’t be able to enjoy next year’s summer vacation. He’s determined not to let that happen! Well, at least he can read after school, right? Wrong! He has to participate in after school clubs.

The only way he can read is if he starts his own club. A reading club… The Losers Club. Alex figures with a name like that, no one will want to join and he can read alone, in peace and quiet.

Boy, was he wrong!