The Other Boy by M.G. Hennessey

The Other Boy by M.G. Hennessey tells the story of twelve-year old Shane Woods who loves pitching for his baseball team, working on his graphic novel, and hanging out with his best friend, Josh. Shane has a secret – assigned female at birth, he has started living his life as a boy. He and his mother moved to L.A. and his classmates know nothing about his past. When someone at his school threatens to “out” him, Shane must deal with the fallout. This book portrays typical middle school angst as well as addressing a topic increasingly in the news – how transgender children can transition safely in today’s world.

“This is the story with a triumphant-but-realistic ending. It’s challenging but not tragic, and it ends with bright, beautiful hope.” (Kirkus)

“Debut author Hennessey effectively depicts Shane’s life as both ordinary and very particular… A warm, realistic book.” (Publishers Weekly)

“Hennessey sensitively portrays typical sixth-grade trials (first crushes, embarrassing parents, etc.), compounded by the confusion and prejudice that can accompany transitioning. An honest, encouraging addition to the growing ranks of transgender lit for the middle grades.” (Booklist)

“Shane’s voice rings true, and the writing is straightforward and accessible…it’s refreshing to read a story with a young trans character already living life as his true gender and never questioning his identity…The book…has wide appeal.” (School Library Journal)