The Woman in the Window by AJ Finn

Are you looking for a great thriller? Here’s your next favorite.

Anna is a recluse. She cannot leave her home due to some tragic event that the memory of unfolds during the course of the story. Being a recluse, she has some online friends and only one or two real-life friends. When the Russells move in next door and she happens to meet the Russell wife and teenage son and finds she is quite fond of both of them.

Soon after, when looking out her window, she sees a crime happen in the The Russell’s home. Partly because she’s a kind person and partially because she cares about her new friends, she reports the crime.

The further into the story we dive, the more we understand that Anna is not a reliable narrator. Her perspective is shaped by her old trauma, her current mental state and her alcoholic tendencies. So then the reader is left to wonder: DID Anna see what she saw? Or is it all just her imagination?

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