Video Game Collection FAQ

Warren-Newport Public Library is excited to introduce a new video game collection. To answer any questions that you might have concerning this collection, we have put together the following FAQ. Here’s the scoop:

Q. What game systems will be included in the collection?

A. Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3 (Playstation 3).

Q. Where are the video games located in the library?

A. The cases for available games are located in the AudioVisual department. When you find a game that you would like to check out, please take the case to the check out desk where the game will be put in the case and checked out to you. You cannot check video games out at a self-check station.

Q. How many video games may be checked out at one time?

A. Five (5)  per library card.

Q. What is the loan period for a video game?

A. Seven days.

Q. What is the overdue fine for a video game?

A. $1.00 per day.

Q. What is the fee for a lost or damaged video game?

A. The charge for a lost or badly damaged item is the full replacement cost plus a nonrefundable $5.00 processing fee.

Q. Are video games renewable?

A. Yes, video games are renewable.

Q. Can a resident of a different library district check out a video game at the Warren-Newport Public Library?

A. Yes, as long as the resident’s library card number is registered in our computer system.

Q. Can video games be placed on hold (reserved)?

A. Yes. When you receive notice that that your reserved video game is available, you must pick it up at the check out desk at the main library within five days. WNPL cardholders will be given priority on hold lists.

Q. Does the bookmobile have a video game collection?

A. No, but bookmobile patrons are welcome to reserve video games. All video games must be picked up at the main library.

Q. Ca video games checked out at the main library be returned to the bookmobile?

A. Yes. Bookmobile staff will be happy to deliver your returned video game to the main library.

Q. Does the library provide game controllers, mats or other game equipment with the video games?

A. No, the library only provides the game itself.

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