Committee Report Art Acquisition Committee Wednesday, June 24, 2015 at 6 p.m. 1. Called to order at 6:00 pm In Attendance Committee Members Trustees Citizens WNPLD Staff Andrea Farr Capizzi Kathleen Lovelace Ryan Livergood Jo Beckwith Laurie Styrcula Jan Marsh Linda McCarthy Non-Committee Attendee: Rocco Oddo, Warren Township AP Art Instructor 2. Public comment: None 3. Discussion of Coco's Cove student art project . Mr. Oddo communicated his excitement for the project and that the students would be excited too . Project will be put on large wood panels with paint & wood expected costs would range from $300 to $500 . Library would be responsible for the physical hanging of the pieces . A tour of Coco's Cove was taken and it was decided the first series of pieces will be hung in the most visible position upon entering the room on the south east corner wall. . Order of events discussed with the following decided a) Children's staff to be consulted for input and ideas b) Art Committee to prepare presentation to artists to take place first week of September c) Artists to submit top sketches to committee for committee's final selection d) Work to be done in the first semester of school e) Formal presentation to the public will be planned with artists and their parents invited 4. The Committee considered existing pieces for decommission. A voice vote was unanimous in favor of decommissioning the following four pieces. a) Stained glass cartoon duck b) Two teddy bear pictures c) Native American art piece 5. The Committee considered four historical art scenes for reframing. After some discussion, it was unclear if the pieces were worth reframing. A voice vote was unanimous in favor of authorizing citizen member Laurie Styrcula to disassemble one piece to determine if it is an original or print before the committee votes on whether to reframe. 6. The Committee unanimously authorized trustee Jo Beckwith and citizen member Laurie Styrcula price framing for future reframing projects and present the committee with alternatives. 7. Determination of date of next meeting August 3, 2015, at 6:00 pm. 8. Agenda items next meeting . Children's staff to present ideas about Student Art Project . Decide on themes or story for artwork . Begin planning process for presentation to students . Discussion of price of Student Art Project and possible funding ideas . Decommission evaluation of several pieces and possible action . Determination of next committee meeting's date 9. Adjournment 7:12 pm