arren-Newport Public Library District Board of Trustees Committee of the Whole Report Committee, Date, and Location: Buildings and Grounds, 9/1/15, McCullough Board Room Members Attending: Sue Niemi, George Kotsinis, Bob Diehl, Nancy Sheldon, Andrea Farr Capizzi, Tom Colwell, Jo Beckwith, Ryan Livergood Also Attending: Noreen Reese Public Comment: None Summary: Capital Projects Update: Ryan gave an overview of facilities and IT capital projects to be completed over the next 5-10 years. Consensus was to change replacement of staff chairs from medium to high priority. Evaluation criteria for prioritizing projects were suggested as an alternative to high/medium/low rankings. Consultant for staff lounge/tween space: Ryan provided information on the costs from design consultants. Consensus was to go with DownEast for the staff lounge project. A more detailed breakdown of the fee will be requested. A few more consultants will be interviewed before a recommendation for the tween space will be made. Outside soffit repair: The internal pipe and leak in the soffit were repaired by an outside contractor. WNPL facilities did the surface repair. However, it had to be done hastily to ensure that patrons and staff could enter and exit the building safely. The repair is serviceable and sound, but needs cosmetic improvement. WNPL facilities will smooth and repaint the area. Because the existence of the heat tape switch was not included in the As-Built, Ryan will follow up with the original contractor to explore warranty coverage. Trim painting: Pictures and discussion of whether the barn red soffit color on the south and west sides of the building should be carried through on the remainder of the white addition. Consensus was to leave the color scheme as is. What’s Next? (Owner -Action Items -Deadline): Ryan: Rework the capital projects document in a yearly arrangement, noting the impacts of proposed evaluation criteria. Replacement of the bookmobile should be added. Due for the October CW meeting. Ryan: Request more detailed breakdown of design costs from DownEast. For Sept Board packet. Ryan: Direct Facilities to smooth and repaint the patch. Follow up with the contractor regarding warranty. Update at Oct CW. Recommendation(s) for Board Action: Approve contracting with DownEast as the consultant for staff room project (Sept Regular Board agenda) Agenda item(s) for next Committee of the Whole: Disaster Plan update Capital projects document, Draft 2 Staff room and tween space updates ATM in the library Jo Beckwith WNPLD Form September 2015