Warren-Newport Public Library District Board of Trustees Committee Report Form Committee: Finance Date and Location of Meeting: March 12, 2015 - McCullough Board Room Called to order at: 8:00 pm. Adjourned at: 8:57 pm. Members Attending: Andrea Farr Capizzi, Treasurer; Ryan Livergood, Executive Director; Doug Wideburg, Business Manager; Steve Weinberg, Citizen Member & Treasurer Emeritus Others in attendance: Noreen Reese, Deputy Director; Members of the public Seven Summary of Meeting: . Public Comment: Mark Stoyas expressed his appreciation for the committee’s work. Kristy Trouy expressed ideas for kitchen renovation alternatives. . Discussion of February 2015 financial statements. . Unanticipated expenses: YTD Exp Budget % Used 51670 - Classified Ads & Legal Printing 1,593.00 1,600.00 99.56% We will incur more classified ad expense before the fiscal year comes to a close. . Trustee Friedman joined the meeting at 8:16 . Discussion of budget: A collaborative discussion of the budget by committee members, Deputy Directory Reese and members of the public, Trustees Friedman & Kotsinis occurred. First draft of budget will be main topic of next finance committee meeting to be held on Thursday, April 16, 2015. . Trustee Kotsinis joined the meeting at 8:37 . Meeting adjourned by unanimous vote at 8:57 pm. Recommendation for Board Action, if any (state in the form of a motion[s]): . I move that the bills payable for March 2015 and payrolls for February 2015 be approved for payment. . I move to accept the February 2015 financial statements as presented.