Warren-Newport Public Library District Board of Trustees Committee Report Form Committee: Finance Date and Location of Meeting: June 10, 2015 - McCullough Board Room Called to order at: 8:00 pm. Adjourned at: 9:07 pm. Members Attending: Andrea Farr Capizzi, Treasurer; Jo Beckwith, Board President; Ryan Livergood, Executive Director Others in attendance: Sue Niemi, Trustee; Noreen Reese, Deputy Director; Doug Wideburg, Business Manager Members of the public Jill Ballock Summary of Meeting: . Public Comment: None . Discussion of May 2015 financial statements: No changes needed, committee recommended board approval by unanimous voice vote. . Unanticipated expenses: Minor expense for a 5-year inspection not included in the budget. Line item 51702 is $642.43 over budget. . Discussion of budget: A collaborative discussion of the budget by committee & non- members occurred. o The committee accepted the plans for the Tween area taking the budget into a deficit to be covered by the Special Reserve Fund and donations already received and expected to be received. o The Committee discussed the employee break room (kitchen). During the discussion, all those present toured the kitchen with the exception of Ms. Niemi who volunteered to remain in the board room. All those present, including citizen Ballock, participated in the discussion to renovate the kitchen. It was decided that $60,000 would be budgeted for the renovation to be funded with $60,000 from the Special Reserve Fund and $30,000 in anticipated matching donations for this specific project to be transferred into the special reserve fund as those funds become available. o Recommendation of the budget approval by Board inclusive of the Tween Area and Kitchen passed by unanimous voice vote. . Meeting adjourned by unanimous vote at 9:07 pm. Recommendation for Board Action, if any (state in the form of a motion[s]): . I move that the bills payable for July 2015 and payrolls for June 2015 be approved for payment. . I move to accept the May 2015 financial statements as presented.