Warren-Newport Public Library District Board of Trustees Committee Report Form Committee: Personnel Date and Location of Meeting: November 3, 2015, McCullough Board Room Members Attending: Kotsinis, Niemi, Beckwith, Livergood. Also attending: Farr Capizzi, Sheldon Summary of Meeting: Call to order at 7:33 p.m. 308 Time Off to Vote: Grammar changes. Removal of the requirement to present a receipt after voting. 309 Bereavement Leave: Grammar changes. Days off for bereavement must be taken consecutively. 505 Smoking: Addition of e-cigarettes. Remove referral to visitors and patrons, which are covered in Board policies. What’s Next? (Owner-Action Items-Deadline) . Ryan and staff to discuss 305 Holidays re: method for accruing floating holidays, particularly with respect to which method allows for the most efficient record keeping. Deadline: next Personnel meeting (tbd) . Ryan to determine the need to prioritize 508 Use of Equipment and Vehicles. Deadline: next Personnel meeting (tbd) Recommendation for Board Action: Approve 308 Time Off to Vote as presented (consent agenda) Approve 309 Bereavement Leave as presented (consent agenda) Approve 505 Smoking as presented (consent agenda) Meeting and Policies for Next Meeting: Next meeting tbd in order to prioritize the strategic planning process. 305 Holidays Other policies tbd The meeting was adjourned by a unanimous voice vote at 7:51 p.m. Jo Beckwith 11/3/15 WNPLD Form April 2013