Warren-Newport Public Library District Board of Trustees Committee of the Whole Report – General Topics Committee, Date, and Location: Tuesday, February 2, 2016, McCullough Board Room Members Attending: Tom Colwell, George Kotsinis, Sue Niemi, Nancy Sheldon, Ryan Livergood, Jo Beckwith Absent: Bob Diehl, Andrea Farr Capizzi Also Attending: Noreen Reese Summary: Recording meetings: The cost of recording meetings was discussed, as was the value of the transparency this provides to residents. Further information was requested for the Feb regular board meeting regarding the cost of: 1) using YouTube; 2) uploading and circulating copies; 3) better microphones to improve audio quality; and 4) hosting videos on the library website. The second draft of the Strategic Plan was discussed. A Board Philosophy statement was agreed upon. Assessments and completion dates will be added for the March CW with the goal of Board approval at the March regular Board meeting. Ryan detailed the agenda for the first meeting of the fundraising board. Jo will attend to offer Board support. We are willing to help in any way. Art Acquisitions Committee: Consensus was to take this out of the Committee of the Whole structure and make it an Art Advisory Group. Jo will edit the Bylaws accordingly and draft a separate policy to cover art and other like groups for the Feb Board meeting. What’s Next? (Owner -Action Items -Deadline): Ryan and Kevin: Research recording issues listed above for Feb Board Meeting Jo: Draft a policy on Advisory Groups; Edit Bylaws accordingly to remove Art from CW, both for Feb Board Meeting. Recommendation(s) for Board Action: None Agenda item(s) for next Committee of the Whole: Strat Plan (final draft) Jo Beckwith