Board of Trustees Committee of the Whole Wednesday, July 5, 2017 7:00 PM McCullough Board Room AGENDA I. Call to order II. Public Comments {20} Visitors will be granted 3 minutes to introduce themselves and present any issues they wish to discuss, not to exceed a total of 20 minutes. Speakers who want their remarks to be added to the Board record must provide a copy to the Board Secretary prior to speaking. III. Buildings and Grounds Committee of the Whole: Tom Colwell, Vice President and Chair {40} a. B & G Tour IV. Policy Committee of the Whole: Kathleen Kettman, Chair {10} a. 4030 FOIA V. Personnel Committee of the Whole: Jo Beckwith, President and Chair {10} a. 212 Salary Administration VI. General Committee of the Whole: Jo Beckwith, President {30} a. Trustee Development: United for Libraries Short Takes Video b. Board Knowledge ExtraNet Templates c. Reporting Board volunteer time d. Staff directory VII. Agenda items for Committee of the Whole for Next Month {5} a. Finance: i. Board Development: What to look for in financial statements and signing checks. b. Buildings and Grounds i. Skylights ii. Disaster Plan review c. Policy and Bylaws d. Personnel: i. 289 Normal Weekly Hours e. General: i. Trustee Development: United for Libraries Short Takes video ii. Art Advisory Group VIII. Agenda Items for next Regular Board Meeting a. New Business i. Tentative Budget and Appropriation Ordinance ii. Setting the public hearing for annual budget and appropriation iii. Building, Sites and Maintenance Levy iv. Non-Resident Library Card Program b. Finance: i. Review of May and June 2017 financial statements ii. Bank and credit card fees IX. Announcements {2} a. Regular Board Meeting, Tuesday, July 18, 2017, 7:00 p.m. b. Completion of OMA training for new trustees X. Adjournment {1}