Suggestions & Questions from Our Library Users January 2019 Service-related comments 1. Of course it’s nice not to have to pay fines but I hope the Hot Picks books don’t vanish for days or weeks on end! That $1. per day overdue fine was definitely a motivator in my finishing the book within the week. Thank you for taking the time to share your concern with us. We appreciate your comments and have considered this ourselves. Prior to deciding to make this change, we spent a great deal of time reviewing the outcomes of other libraries who have gone fine-free before us. Counterintuitive though it may seem, many libraries who have gone fine-free have found that their materials are, on average, returned sooner than before. The understanding that libraries provide shared materials can be just as motivating as overdue fines in encouraging the return of materials. Our hope is that our experience here will be similar. Certainly this is one of many issues we’ll be following closely in the coming months and will take steps to address should problems arise. 2. Would appreciate So much if you Could do a program about Why & How The 27 amendments of the United States came to be. Thank you for your suggestion. We will pass it on to one of our Programming Specialists. 3. Minecraft class (or stem) & other like classes 1st/2nd graders home schoolers during day (mornings? .) Our STEM classes are very popular, and we’ve recently expanded our programming in hopes of accommodating even more people. We now offer Tinker Tuesday, a drop-in STEM program, each week, from 4- 7pm, for children in grades K-5. We also have a number of other STEM based opportunities each month on various afternoons as well as Saturday mornings. We try to offer classes during times when we can reach as many patrons as possible. We will definitely look into adding a Minecraft program in the future. Thank you for the suggestion! Miscellaneous-related comments 1. The hot chocolate from vending machine is very hot. Maybe warning for kids & parents. Thanks for the feedback. There is already a warning sign on the vending machine that states: “CAUTION! HOT BEVERAGE – Temperature may exceed 160 degrees F – USE CARE” 2. VENDING? CAN THEY HAVE PAYDAY BARS AND MOUNTAIN DEW IN MACHINES SOMETIME? THANK YOU! Thank you for your suggestions. We can pass along your ideas to the company that provides our vending machines. Thank you for taking the time to help us improve our service to you. If suggested a title for purchase, we have passed it along to staff members who order materials. Ryan Livergood, Executive Director Patron comments appear here unabridged and unedited.