Suggestions & Questions from Our Library Users March 2019 Service-related comments 1. Thank you for adding a guitar magazine to your periodicals. So glad to have a library that listens to patron suggestions. Thank you for your suggestion. We are happy to be able to accommodate your needs. 2. Came to use your computers to take a certification course. Your Staff was not helpful. Just kept telling me what she couldn’t do. Computer kept freezing up! Driving to Harold Washington library in Chicago since their staff is more helpful. Shame that I encountered this while living in Gurnee. We apologize for the technology issues you experienced at the library. While our staff is trained to provide basic technology assistance, there are some cases in which staff may not be able to assist. An example would be when specific software or website plugins are required for a website to function properly, as is often the case with online course sites. In some cases, a referral to another nearby library may be necessary depending upon the requirements of a patron’s work. If further assistance is needed in the future, please let us know and we’ll try to be as helpful as we can. 3. Do AARP later in the day. Thank you for your suggestion. We will take it under advisement for next year. 4. Good books and music. Thank you. Our staff does a great job with developing our collection. I will pass along your compliments to them. 5. I have been a patron of the library since 1995. My parents and three siblings have witnessed the library’s evolution of the years as it has expanded, shifted, and transformed into the place it is today. I recall when DVDs were first available for the public and how monumental it was as it encouraged my parents to purchase a DVD/VHS hybrid, which I believe we still own today. The reason for my message today is not only to compliment the remarkable work all of those at the library do every day at the location on O’Plaine and across the Village through the Bookmobile, but also to offer a recommendation. The “No Fine” policy intrigues me greatly. I will say that I have had my moments when I missed the due date of my materials so it will be nice to not have that charge any more as I shamefully return the items the day of two after. I do not fully know the system in place to motivate patrons to return their materials moving forward; however, I have an idea that I feel could greatly impact the return rate and also cultivate a positive relationship with many patrons like myself. It seems that everywhere you go there are businesses inviting the public to join a rewards program to encourage future purchases in exchange for a variety of goods. I believe incentivized programs like this are universal to business as long as they are customized to fit the needs of the establishment. If structured appropriately, I feel this could fit in well at WNPL. Patrons will be encourage to return their materials before the due date knowing that ‘points’ will be added to their library card. Once they rack up a designated amount of points, they can exchange their points for a variety of rewards. For example, they could bypass an item that has many holds or turn in a set number of points for WNPL giveaway items like a book bag, or even receive WNPL Cash for the bookstore. They are so many ways that this initiative could be proposed and enrolled alongside the new “No Fine” policy. Please let me know if there are further questions about how this effort could be structured. I would be more than happy to discuss more of my thoughts on the matter. Otherwise, keep up the great work in making the library a welcoming sanctuary for people of all walks of life. Thank you for your kind words and your suggestion of a library rewards program. While we currently don’t have plans for such a program, this is an interesting idea and something we will keep in mind for the future. Miscellaneous-related comments 1. Fire Station drop box- turn box – position it so you can drive by & drop off books. Thank you for your suggestion. The Village of Gurnee graciously allowed us to use space in the parking lot of Gurnee Fire Station # 2 for our remote book drop. That location was in the area where we wanted to be located. A drive by was not possible without significantly impacting the number of their parking spaces. Thank you for taking the time to help us improve our service to you. If suggested a title for purchase, we have passed it along to staff members who order materials. Ryan Livergood, Executive Director Patron comments appear here unabridged and unedited.