Suggestions & Questions from Our Library Users October 2019 Building-related comments 1. Kudos to whomever designed the “new” parking lot - It’s super, especially for handicap places. Used to be some would park and the yellow line spaces. It didn’t affect me, though, for those with wheelchairs, very difficult to get a chair & a person out/in of a car. Thank you! Thank you for the nice compliment! All of the credit goes to the Village of Gurnee. The Library entered into an agreement to incorporate our parking lot project with the Village’s road and parking lot projects in order to save the taxpayers money and to gain the expertise of the Village for the project. Our thanks to the Village’s Engineering Division for the outstanding job they did on this project, we are extremely grateful! We have great relationships with our intergovernmental partners, and these relationships benefit our community in countless ways. This project was a great example. 2. The re-planted garden at the front entrance has many monarch butterfly – attracting plants. Why not label them so patrons can buy them at nurseries and join in on ecology measures. Thanks for the suggestion. With the continuation of the beautification project and addition of plants to the gardens, this seems like an idea we can consider for the future. Service-related comments 1. Trying to renew a book on the computer is very difficult. Why does it need to be so hard? The system has been in place for years. Request and renew should be the easiest part, not something to hunt around you. Sorry to hear you are having trouble renewing and requesting items. We will keep an eye out for any upgrades or changes that could make the process easier. If you have access to our new WNPL app, the renewing and requesting process is very clear and easy. Please feel free to ask a staff for additional help. Computer-related comments 1. Sometimes when we’re using the computers there are people talking loudly, using their cellphones without realizing they might be disturbing others listening to loud music, etc. If you stand up to inform a librarian, it really places the spotlight upon you. I wanted to suggest setting a ‘Library Text Line is a way for patrons to communicate with security or perhaps the reference desk letting them know something is not right while remaining somewhat anonymous. Also, such a text line might be useful if you see someone doing something inappropriate and wanted to quickly inform your staff (security, reference desk, etc). Although conversation is allowed in the computer areas, staff will intervene if someone is talking too loudly, playing music, etc. Staff are responsible for determining if the level of noise is too loud so as not to disturb other patrons. We understand that it may be necessary for people to be on the phone while on a computer, or have conversations with staff in order to receive assistance. In order to comply with federal ADA regulations, we must also make allowances for patrons who are differently abled. At this time, we do not have a way to receive a text message. But you can either talk to staff at another service desk and we will discreetly confront the patron. Another option to consider is checking out one of our laptops to use for 2.5 hours, which can be taken anywhere in the library, including the Quiet Reading Room. Miscellaneous-related comments 1. I was cringing watching young children eating junk food which is so unhealthy for them form your vending machine. My suggestion is replacing the junk food with Healthy Options that are better for them. Change vending company if necessary. They do have Healthy vending companies, fresh fruit, Granola, yogurt, etc. Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate your perspective on offering healthy vending options. This has been a challenge for the Library, as patrons use our current vending machines often, and our vending company regularly switches up options based upon what proves to be most popular. When we’ve researched additional healthy vending possibilities, the options have proved more costly and raise concerns about perishable food waste. I’ll continue to keep this suggestion in mind moving forward into our strategic planning process. Thank you for taking the time to help us improve our service to you. If suggested a title for purchase, we have passed it along to staff members who order materials. Ryan Livergood, Executive Director Patron comments appear here unabridged and unedited.