Suggestions & Questions from Our Library Users March 2022 Building-related comments 1. Make a forest near the 2 bears near the enterence. We ’ re happy to report that WNPL ’ s lobb y bears are preparing for this year ’ s summer reading program, R e ad Beyond the Beat en Pa th, which will include many tree and forest themes. Please, wat ch for more information! Preregistration begins May 1. Service-related comments 1. List of querer books? Idk if there already some, but I don’t see it querer or aithors/aithors that un𝈰eatt queer experiences. Thank you for your suggestion. We do have LGBTQ+ bookli sts available at our Youth, Teen , and Adult Services desks, and we are always happy to help you find what you ’ re looking for if you are looking for additional titles. Also, be sure to look out for our book displays. 2. It could be helpful if you put the crosswords, word finding, connect the dots sheets along with coloring sheets. The Youth Services Department likes to hear that you find the activity sheets useful , and we ’ r e happy to add additional formats as suggested. 3. Please add more bignate books. Big Nate is very popular! Although we do own multiple copies of all titles, they are sometimes unavailable. Please stop by the Youth Services Desk and staff would be happy to help you place holds on items. 4. Please get more weird-but-true books. National Geographic ’ s Weird But True books are another popular, and ever - growing, collection in Youth Services! If you don ’ t see what you ’ d like on the shel f, please stop by the Youth Services Desk and we ’ d be happy to help . Computer-related comments 1. Thank you for the 15 min computers. Very convenient for printing. We ’ re v ery glad to be able to provide this service. Thank you! Miscellaneous-related comments 1. I was thinking a art show partnering with Pccs (Pairie crossing charter schools). They have a amazing art teacher and their art is very cool! Thank you! Thank you for your suggestion. While we always love collaborating with local schools and organizations, unfortunately, Prairie Crossing is not in our library district, and we have many requests to partner with the schools that are within our dis trict boundaries. 2. A teen display case. This is a grea t idea, but our space in the Vault is somewhat limited. For that reason, we use the digital monitors to showcase teen photograp hy and use t he w hiteboard and corkboard for interactive displays and activities for teens. 3. You could have douplus. If you stop in Coco ’ s Cove, you ’ ll be happy to see that our Duplo ’ s have returned! Thank you for taking the time to help us improve our service to you. If suggested a title for purchase, we have passed it along to staff members who order materials. Ryan Livergood, Executive Director Patron comments appear here unabridged and unedited.