Warren-Newport Public Library District Gurnee, Illinois -Newport Public Library District Gurnee, Illinois Suggestions & Questions from Our Library Users September 2022 Building-related comments 1. Air fresheners in study rooms are terrible and make it hard to breathe! 2. I have been using this wonderful facility constantly. Unfortunately the spray is extremely bothering me. I have a penetrating headache & feel my throat very uncomfortable. Please help. Any assistance is greatly appreciated! Thanks! 3. As I expressed before the spraying is wonderful for keeping our library with great scent, however it will be ideal to have a fragrance free study room. Perhaps 1 or 2 out of the 6. Some of us experience people have been encountering headaches, difficulty breathing, irritation of the mouth, sneezing, runny nose and dizziness. Please understand I don’t want be an inconvenience I just want to continue to offer tutoring services to my students not feeling frustrated because of how I feel. Thanks much. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Based on recent feedback, study rooms 3, 4, and 6 are now fragrance-free on a trial basis. We will continue to adjust our air fresheners to balance the needs of all patrons. Please don’t hesitate to provide us with additional feedback on these changes. Service-related comments 1. Jen was extremely helpful and patient. She assisted me on the computer for over an hour. I am grateful for her. Thank you for the kudos to Jen. We agree that she is awesome! 2. Thank you x 1000000000000 for the monthly display case always so educational. Thank you for your compliment. The Communications Department is the creative force behind our lobby display case themes and so much more relative to marketing and promotion of our library’s services. We’ll be sure to pass along your input. Miscellaneous-related comments 1. Could we have a program for getting people enrolled in the Affordable Connectivity Program? Connect Waukegan and the Warren-Newport Public Library District Gurnee, Illinois -Newport Public Library District Gurnee, Illinois Waukegan Community Broad–band task force are making effort to enroll & educate people. We are looking into becoming an outreach partner in the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program. In the meantime, WNPL will do all we can with the resources currently available to help bridge the digital divide that exists in our community. 2. Program on scanning slides, photos, etc. Provide scanner for medic, 8mm. film, VHS tapes, photos, etc. Thank you for your suggestions. We will investigate the feasibility of providing these services. Thank you for taking the time to help us improve our service to you. If suggested a title for purchase, we have passed it along to staff members who order materials. Ryan Livergood, Executive Director Patron comments appear here unabridged and unedited.