Suggestions & Questions from Our Library Users January 2023 Service-related comments 1. It would be helpful if AARP tax help was on the website by appointment only. You can find a link to more information and make an appointment for AARP tax assistance, plus locate other tax information, via the ‘Tax Info’ selection in the main menu of the library website at . 2. Tonight I watched my wonderful colleague Justine provide selfless care and kindness to a pair of patrons working on an obituary. She went completely above and beyond and was no longer on the desk when they came to express their gratitude. But she trulely made a difference tonight and it was really beautiful. Thank you for recognizing how helpful, caring and patient Justine is. We will certainly pass on the information to her . 3. Love the check out desk in the kids area!! But could the table be lowered so the kids can actually reach it? Everything here is too tall for kids. Thank you for your suggestion! We will look into the possibility of lowering the self - checkout station so kids can help too . Thank you for taking the time to help us improve our service to you. If suggested a title for purchase, we have passed it along to staff members who order materials. Ryan Livergood, Executive Director Patron comments appear here unabridged and unedited.