Warren-Newport Public Library District Lake County, Illinois Board of Trustees Policy 1003 Electronic Participation at Meetings Adopted: 12/15/2009 Reviewed/Revised: May21, 2013; February16,2016; June 18, 2019;May19, 2020; August 24, 2021 As authorized by the Open Meetings Act, a Trustee of the Warren-Newport Public Library District (WNPLD) may attend Board Meetings by video or audioconference provided all of the following conditions are met. [5 ILCS 120/7]  A quorum of the Board must be physically present at the meeting location.  A majority of the Board members physically present must vote to allow the Trustee to attend by video or audioconference.  The Trustee wishing to attend by video or audioconference must notify the Recording Secretary and the Executive Director before the meeting unless advance notice is impractical.  The Trustee is prevented from physically attending because of one or more of the following circumstances:  Personal illness or disability;  Employment purposes;  The business of WNPLD;  A family or other emergency. Minutes of all meetings shall record whether each Trustee was physically present or was present by means of video or audioconference. Any Trustee permitted to participate by video or audioconference has the right to express their comments during the meeting and to participate in the same capacity as those members physically present. The Trustee shall be called during any vote taken, and their vote shall be counted and recorded by the Secretary. In the event of extreme circumstances impacting Illinois, the Governor or legislature may declare a temporary suspension or modification of any or all of the above requirements. In that event, the WNPLD Board of Trustees will allow electronic participation at meetings for all Trustees and the public, following the altered guidelines. Policy 1003 Electronic Participation at Meetings Page 1 of 1