Warren-Newport Public Library District -Newport Public Library District Lake County, Illinois Board of Trustees Policy 1055 Public Participation at Library Board Meetings Adopted: October 14, 1997 Reviewed/Revised: December 10, 2002; October 21, 2008; February 21, 2012; September 17, 2013; November 19, 2013; May 20, 2014; June 16, 2015; April 19, 2016; November 19, 2019; May 17, 2022 ARTICLE 1. PHILOSOPHY The functions of the Board of Trustees of the Warren-Newport Public Library District (WNPLD) are to establish library policies, to approve and monitor the annual budget, to determine the library’s service program, and to hire and evaluate the Executive Director. To fulfill these duties, the Board usually meets monthly for Committee of the Whole and a Regular Board meeting. On occasion, individual committee meetings are also held separately. Board meetings are held pursuant to the Open Meetings Act (5 ILCS 120). The Board welcomes members of the public and establishes the following guidelines for public participation. ARTICLE 2. ATTENDANCE BY MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC Each person attending a Board meeting is requested (but not required) to write their name and address on the sign-in sheet at the door (Exhibit A). All Regular Board meetings are recorded, and the recordings are available through the WNPLD website. Anyone who attends a Regular Board Meeting may appear in or be heard in the recording of that meeting. ARTICLE 3. GUIDELINES FOR PUBLIC COMMENT AND PUBLIC FORUM The Board allows time for public comment during all meetings. To ensure that public comment is heard and that the Board can conduct its business in a timely manner, the Board asks that all visitors be aware of the following: • Public Comment is scheduled early in the agenda of Committee of the Whole and Regular Meetings. The WNPLD Board of Trustees allows a total of twenty (20) minutes for Public Comment. • Public Forum is scheduled late in the agenda of Regular Meetings. The WNPLD Board of Trustees allows a total of fifteen (15) minutes for Public Forum. • All speakers are asked to identify themselves at the beginning of their comments so that the participation of all who speak at the meeting can be part of the official record. Policy 1055 Public Participation at Library Board Meetings Page 1 of 2 • Speakers will be asked to limit comments to three (3) minutes. When several members of a group with a common purpose attend a meeting, the Board requests that the group designate a single person to represent and speak for the group. • A speaker who wants their remarks to be added to the Board record must provide a copy of those remarks to the Board Secretary prior to speaking. If the spoken remarks do not follow the written text, they will be discarded. • Due to time constraints, speaking in Public Comment or Public Forum does not initiate a conversation with the Board of Trustees during a meeting. An exception may be made in rare instances, such as answering a brief question that has a straightforward answer or providing brief information to those who are attending the Board Meeting for educational purposes. Any speaker who would like a response from the Board after the meeting must provide their contact information. In most cases, the Board will consider those visitors’ comments and may respond at a future date. ARTICLE 4. GUIDELINES FOR RECORDING BY THE PUBLIC Section 4.01 Recording Any person may record an open meeting by video, audio, photographic, or other means. Neither the meeting nor public comment will be delayed due to a citizen setting up recording equipment. Recording of meetings shall not distract or disturb Trustees, other meeting participants, or members of the public and shall not interfere with the conducting of an orderly meeting. Section 4.02 Video Recording Equipment WNPLD staff will designate the location for placement of recording equipment by members of the public. Video recording with a handheld device may be restricted to the designated video area by the Board President or Executive Director. Section 4.03 Accommodations WNPLD is not obligated to provide special accommodations for recording, such as lighting, a designated space for microphones or recording equipment, or access to electrical power. Section 4.04 Circumstances When Recording Is Not Allowed In the following situations, recording by a member of the public will be prohibited or terminated: • if the recording process is disruptive to the meeting; or • if the meeting is closed to the public. Section 4.05 Permissions Nothing in these guidelines shall be deemed to grant permission to publish or broadcast a recording made by a member of the public. No recording shall be used for a commercial or for-profit enterprise without written approval of the President of the WNPLD Board of Trustees. Policy 1055 Public Participation at Library Board Meetings Page 2 of 2 Warren-Newport Public Library District -Newport Public Library District Date: ___________________________________ ☐ Committee of the Whole Meeting ☐ Regular Board Meeting ☐ Special Board Meeting ☐ Committee Meeting: ___________________ Visitor Registration Note: Registration is requested, but not required Name Address Policy 1055 Public Participation at Library Board Meetings Exhibit A Page 1 of 1