Warren-Newport Public Library District Lake County, Illinois Board of Trustees Policy 1057 Advisory Groups Adopted: February 16, 2016 Reviewed/Revised: September 19, 2017; January 16, 2018; January 19, 2021 ARTICLE 1. FORMATION AND POWERS The Board of Trustees of the Warren-Newport Library District (WNPLD) may form an Advisory Group to help it carry out a specific initiative or to draw upon outside expertise to accomplish a goal. Advisory Groups shall not have governing powers but will share their specialized knowledge and their ideas in the form of recommendations to the Board of Trustees. The Board will decide what action, if any, to take with regard to these recommendations. ARTICLE 2. MEMBERSHIP An Advisory Group shall be chaired by a Trustee. Up to three (3) Trustees may be members. The President shall serve as an ex-officio member or may serve as the Chair. The Executive Director shall be a voting member of any Advisory Group. The Board will select the remaining members for the expertise they offer in accomplishing the purpose of the Group. These appointments may include up to two (2) staff member(s) in addition to the Executive Director and up to three (3) citizen members. The membership of an Advisory Group shall be approved by the Board on an annual basis. Any Trustee who is not a member of an Advisory Group is welcome to attend any meeting of the Advisory Group. ARTICLE 3. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Upon the formation of an Advisory Group, a Statement of Purpose (Exhibit A) shall be written to document the creation of the group and to define and describe the scope of its work. The Statement of Purpose shall be submitted to the Board for approval and shall be kept in the Board Archives. If an Advisory Groupís purpose evolves or changes, the Statement of Purpose must be updated and submitted to the Board of Trustees for approval. ARTICLE 4. MEETINGS An Advisory Group shall meet as often as the members deem necessary to accomplish the work before them. Their meeting times should not conflict with any meetings of the Board of Trustees. All Advisory Group meetings shall be held in compliance with the Illinois Open Meetings Act. [5 ILCS 120] As such, the meetings shall be open to the public and noticed in advance. Public Comment must be included on all agendas. A quorum (a majority of the members of the Group) Policy 1057 Advisory Groups Page 1 of 2 must be present for the meeting to take place. Advisory Group meetings require the presence of at least one Trustee member. In the absence of the Chair, another Trustee member shall serve as Chair pro tempore for the meeting. In the absence of all Trustee members, the Advisory Group meeting will be cancelled. Recommendations made to the Board will be based upon a majority vote of the members. Following each meeting, the Chair or Chair pro tempore will submit an Advisory Group Report for inclusion in the Board packet for the next Regular Board meeting. ARTICLE 5. REVIEW AND DURATION OF SERVICE On an annual basis, the Board of Trustees will review the Statement of Purpose for every Advisory Group and consider it in deciding whether the Group should continue. Typically, an Advisory Group charged with a finite task will be dissolved upon the completion of its task. The continuation of an Advisory Group that is charged with ongoing responsibilities will be dependent upon approval of a majority of the Board at the Boardís annual review. The Board may dissolve or temporarily suspend an Advisory Group at any time. Policy 1057 Advisory Groups Page 2 of 2 Warren-Newport Public Library District Lake County, Illinois ADVISORY GROUP STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Date: Group Name: Group Membership: Scope of Work/Description of Duties: Advisory Group Chair Date of Board Approval Board President Date of Board Approval Policy 1057 Advisory Groups Exhibit A Page 1 of 1