Warren-Newport Public Library District Lake County, Illinois Board of Trustees Policy 3020 Circulation Warren-Newport Public Library District Lake County, Illinois Board of Trustees Policy 3020 Circulation Adopted: December 8, 1981 Reviewed/Revised: February 11, 1992; April 13, 1993; August 9, 1994; December 8, 1996; February 10, 1998; March 14, 2000; April 10, 2001; March 14, 2006; June 1, 2006; April 21, 2009; March 16, 2010; March 20, 2012; April 17, 2012; September 18, 2012; November 20, 2012; February 19,2013; February 18, 2014; June 17, 2014; August 16, 2016; February 20, 2018; July 21, 2020; June 21, 2022; August 16, 2022; July 18, 2023 ARTICLE 1. LOAN PERIODS Seven (7) Day Materials Hot Flicks DVD/Blu-ray Adult feature film DVD/Blu-ray Juvenile fiction DVD/Blu-ray Hot Picks books Magazines Video games Seven Day WiFi Hotspots Fourteen (14) Day Materials Adult Television Series DVD/Blu-ray Adult Non-Fiction DVD/Blu-ray Juvenile Non-Fiction DVD/Blu-ray Twenty-one (21) Day Materials All other print and AV materials WiFi Hotspots Library of Things Items in this collection have varying checkout periods depending on the item. ARTICLE 2. RENEWAL OF MATERIALS Items checked out will automatically be renewed three (3) days before the due date for up to three (3) renewal periods. The renewal happens automatically and there is no action patrons need to take. Items cannot be automatically renewed if:  the item is on hold for another patron;  the three (3) renewal limit has been reached;  the patron account is blocked; or  the item is non-renewable. The following items are non- renewable: Hot Picks books, Hot Flicks DVDs/Blu-rays, Launchpads, Rokus, Seven (7) Day WiFi Hotspots, Book Club Kits, and any items marked with a HOT sticker. ARTICLE 3. CIRCULATION LIMITS Maximum total number of items that may be checked out on a card is fifty (50). Circulation limits by format: Hot Flicks DVD/Blu-ray Five (5) All other DVD/Blu-ray Fifty (50) Video games Five (5) Wonderbooks Five (5) Telescopes One (1) Book Club Kits One (1) Launchpads One (1) WiFi Hotspots One (1) Rokus One (1) Reference collections are for in-library use only and may not be checked out. Policy 3025 Interlibrary Loan explains the borrowing limitations for interlibrary loan material. ARTICLE 4. RESERVING MATERIALS Section 4.01 Reserves and Notifications When an eligible item in the circulating collection of WNPLD is not immediately available to check out, a patron may reserve the item. When the reserved item is available for the patron who has placed the reserve, the Library will notify the patron. When the Library notifies the patron via telephone, the specific title of the material will not be stated to anyone other than the patron who placed the reserve. If the patron is not available when the Library calls, a message stating only that an item the patron requested is available will be left. The Library will leave only one (1) message regarding the availability of a specific item. Relay of the message to the appropriate person in the household and prompt pickup of the material are the responsibilities of the patron. Section 4.02 Hold Period for Reserve Material Upon notification, the reserved material will be held for the patron for a period of seven (7) days. If the patron does not pick up the material within seven (7) days, the reserve will be cancelled and the material will be placed back into general circulation. If another patron is waiting for the material, the next patron on the list will be notified that the item is available. Section 4.03 Reserve Limits The maximum number of items a patron may have on reserve at any one time is forty (40). Section 4.04 Residency WNPLD and Cooperative Computer Services CCS Library cardholders may place reserves on library materials. Non-resident cardholders not in CCS can place holds as well. WNPL reserves the right to prioritize WNPL materials for WNPL card holders. Other cardholders will have lower priority in receiving WNPL materials. Section 4.05 Non-reservable Materials Hot Picks books, Hot Flicks DVD/Blu-ray, Seven (7) Day WiFi Hotspots and items marked with a HOT sticker may not be reserved. Section 4.06 Mobile Services Collection The Mobile Services collection is non-reservable. _________________________________________