Warren-Newport Public Library District Lake County, Illinois Board of Trustees Policy 3025 Interlibrary Loan Adopted: December 8, 1992 Reviewed/Revised: April 13, 1999; February 11, 2003; January 20, 2004; August 18, 2009; June 18, 2013; January 20, 2015; March 27, 2018; May 18, 2021 ARTICLE 1. INTRODUCTION Interlibrary loan is a service provided by the Warren-Newport Public Library District (WNPLD) to help in meeting the needs of WNPLD cardholders for library materials outside the scope of the collection of WNPLD. Library staff will make every reasonable effort to obtain requested materials that are owned by other libraries. WNPLD will lend its circulating materials to libraries that request them through interlibrary loan. ARTICLE 2. BORROWING ITEMS OWNED BY OTHER LIBRARIES Section 2.01 Borrowers All WNPLD cardholders with accounts in good standing are welcome to use the interlibrary loan services offered through WNPLD to request books, audiovisual materials, or periodical articles. Section 2.02 Borrowing Limitations WNPLD staff will accept and try to satisfy requests for materials (books, periodical articles, and audiovisual materials) within the following parameters:  There is a limit of ten (10) requests per WNPLD cardholder in process at any time.  WNPLD staff will not request materials that are owned by WNPLD but are checked out. However, if an item owned by WNPLD is missing or assumed lost, it may be requested through interlibrary loan.  If WNPLD staff determine that the materials being requested are non-circulating (reference) materials, staff will not request the materials through interlibrary loan but will advise the cardholder which library or libraries have the materials.  There will be a two (2) week wait after a cardholder returns an interlibrary loan title before the title may be requested again by the same cardholder.  Since requests for new titles that have limited availability nationwide are rarely filled, there will be a four (4) month waiting period before a request for a new title may be resubmitted by the same cardholder. Policy 3025 Interlibrary Loan Page 1 of 3  WNPLD will borrow materials only from libraries within the continental United States of America.  WNPLD will borrow only the same material types that are currently loaned by WNPLD. Section 2.03 Borrowing Periods The loan period for interlibrary loan items is determined by the lending library. A request for renewal of materials borrowed through interlibrary loan must be approved by the lending library. The length of the renewal period is determined by the lending library. Materials may not be renewed more than once. Section 2.04 Charges  There will be a charge of five dollars ($5.00) for each item not picked up.  WNPLD staff will attempt to obtain all requested materials from libraries that will lend them without charge. If a requested item is available only from a library that charges for lending it, WNPLD staff will advise the cardholder of the charge for the item and will request the item from the library that owns it only after the cardholder has paid the charge(s).  In the case of journal/serial articles, cardholders will be liable for any copyright fees and any other charges necessary in obtaining the article. WNPLD staff will advise the cardholder of the charge for the item and will request the item only after the cardholder has paid the charge(s).  Cardholders will be liable for any interlibrary loan materials that are lost or damaged while in their possession. The amount owed will be determined by the lending library and may include charges in addition to item replacement costs. ARTICLE 3. INTERLIBRARY LOAN OF WNPLD MATERIALS Section 3.01 Borrowing Libraries WNPLD will lend materials to any library within the continental United States. WNPLD participates in ILLINET and ILLINET/MLNC agreements. Section 3.02 Materials Lent WNPLD will lend any circulating materials to any requesting library. WNPLD reserves the right to limit the number of materials lent from new, high demand, or historical collections. Section 3.03 Loan Periods The interlibrary loan period is four (4) weeks. If the borrowing library requests that the material be renewed, WNPLD staff will approve a one (1) week renewal if the item is not reserved for a WNPLD cardholder. Section 3.04 Photocopying Services Periodical articles and pages of monographs up to ten (10) pages each will be copied and sent or faxed free of charge. Requests for photocopies in excess of ten (10) pages will be billed at a rate of $0.15 per page. Policy 3025 Interlibrary Loan Page 2 of 3 ARTICLE 4. DELIVERY AND RETURN OF MATERIALS Whenever possible, all materials will be sent via delivery vans to limit potential damage. Policy 3025 Interlibrary Loan Page 3 of 3