Warren-Newport Public Library District Lake County, Illinois Board of Trustees Policy 3030 Programming Adopted: May 14, 2002 Reviewed/Revised: January 5, 2009; April 20, 2010; July 16, 2013; September 17, 2013; September 20, 2016; March 19, 2019; April 16, 2024 ARTICLE 1. PHILOSOPHY The Warren-Newport Public Library District (WNPLD) provides informational, educational, and cultural programming for all ages. Programs should meet the mission and goals of WNPLD and encourage use of library resources. ARTICLE 2. PROGRAM AUDIENCE Programs are available to all members of the community. Some programs are developed for specific age or developmental levels; patrons may be restricted from attending an activity that is below or above their abilities and/or age group. Any age or audience restrictions for a particular program will be published in advance. ARTICLE 3. PROGRAM SPONSORSHIP WNPLD participates in cooperative programs with other governmental agencies, with educational and community institutions, with businesses, and with individuals when the program meets the needs of Warren-Newport Public Library (WNPL) patrons. Co-sponsorship of programs is at the discretion of WNPLD. ARTICLE 4. PROGRAM TOPICS AND PRESENTERS WNPLD has sole discretion in determining topics and presenters for library programs. While Library staff, including Department Heads, professional, and paraprofessional staff, are responsible for selecting, planning, and coordinating programs, the Executive Director ultimately will have final approval over whether or not a program will be sponsored by WNPLD. WNPLD sponsorship of a program does not constitute an endorsement of the program content or the views expressed by presenters. Presenters may not actively solicit business before, during, or following a program but may have business cards and/or brochures available at the rear of the room for attendees to pick up. If a presenter would like to offer books or other materials for purchase, arrangements must be made in advance with Library staff. In planning programs, staff will consider all of the following: • WNPLD’s strategic plan and mission; • the needs of the community; • appropriateness of content for the audience; • availability of other programs in the community; and • limitations of space, time, budget, and staff. For each program, data that includes cost, content, staffing requirements, attendance statistics, and participant evaluations should be gathered to determine the impact of the program, to help in preparing budgets, and to aid in planning future programming. ARTICLE 5. PROGRAM REGISTRATION AND FEES Although most programs are open to the general public, registration for attendance at some programs may be restricted to WNPLD cardholders. For some programs, the number of persons attending may be restricted due to space considerations, staff availability, or program content. Many programs require advance registration. Any person registering for a program will be requested to provide a telephone number and/or email address at which WNPL staff can contact them in the event of a program cancellation or schedule change. Registration lists and sign-in sheets are kept in strict confidence. While WNPLD strives to offer a variety of free high-quality programs, it may charge a fee to cover materials, food, transportation, or other expenses. _________________________________________