Warren-Newport Public Library District Lake County, Illinois Board of Trustees Policy 3040 Services to Schools Adopted: April 10, 1984 Reviewed/Revised: July 12, 1994; February 9, 1999; August 8, 2006; June 19, 2012; September 17, 2013; July 21, 2015; October 16, 2018; September 21, 2021 ARTICLE 1. GOAL/MISSION Warren-Newport Public Library District (WNPLD) strives to enhance the educational activities of pre-kindergarten through post-secondary students by offering services and resources to the public and private schools located within WNPLD. The services provided by the Warren-Newport Public Library (WNPL) are intended to support and supplement the work of the students and are not meant to replace the services provided by the library media center in each school. ARTICLE 2. POPULATION Section 2.01 District Schools WNPL will provide services to all public and private schools pre-kindergarten through 12th grade within WNPLD. These include the schools in District 50 (Woodland), District 56 (Gurnee Grade), District 121 (Warren Township High School), District 24 (Millburn Elementary), District 3 (Newport), St. Patrick School, and Country Meadows Montessori School. Licensed preschools located within WNPLD are also included; private in-home daycare providers are not. Section 2.02 Students Residing in WNPLD WNPL serves students who reside in WNPLD. The Library cannot extend special services currently reserved for WNPLD patrons (e.g., interlibrary loan, database use, holds, etc.) to students residing in other library districts. Section 2.03 Teachers Residing in WNPLD Teachers who have a WNPL library card and teach at schools outside of WNPLD are entitled to the resident level of reference services and assistance in obtaining materials. Special services are not extended to schools outside WNPLD. ARTICLE 3. SCOPE OF SERVICE TO SCHOOLS Section 3.01 School Liaisons WNPL will designate staff members to serve as liaisons to the school community. The School Liaisons will be the primary conduit for information between WNPL and school communities. Policy 3040 Services to Schools Page 1 of 3 Section 3.02 School Visits Library staff is available to visit schools within WNPLD for special programs and to promote library services. Visits will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis and will depend on the availability of library staff for the date requested. All school visits, including special programs, should be arranged through the School Liaisons. Upon request and if the schedule permits, the Outreach staff and the Bookmobile will make monthly visits to preschools within WNPLD. The preschool must obtain a WNPL business card and assume responsibility for any items checked out on that card. Section 3.03 Library Visits WNPL offers the school community the opportunity to visit the Library as part of a planned program. Library visits should be scheduled at least four (4) weeks in advance, if possible. All arrangements are based on staffing levels at the time of scheduling, and tours may not be possible at certain times. School classes are invited to use the Library on their own without a tour or programming provided by WNPL. A week’s notice is needed in order to ensure that adequate staff is on hand to help with the increased number of reference questions. Schools must provide sufficient adult supervision to monitor the students’ activity in the Library. Section 3.04 Materials and Technology To support literacy development and recreational reading, WNPL commits to purchase multiple copies of books nominated for the following Illinois State literature awards: Rebecca Caudill, Monarch, Bluestem, and Abraham Lincoln. WNPL provides subscription databases as well as homework help resources available on the internet. Section 3.05 Loans and Circulation WNPL will offer each school within WNPLD a building-level library card which can be used to check out materials and access online databases when contractually permitted. The maximum number of items that may be checked out per card will be agreed upon annually by the school and the Library. School administration will designate the staff member(s) who will be responsible for overseeing use of the card and ensuring that materials are returned in good condition by the date due. WNPL reserves the right to revoke card privileges for any school that fails to use the card within established guidelines. With the exception of the maximum number of items that may be checked out, loans to students, faculty, and school staff are subject to all guidelines addressed in Policy 3020 Circulation and Policy 3023 Fines & Fees. Section 3.06 Other Services Upon request, and if the schedule permits, the WNPL Adult Services Department offers proctoring services for exams taken at the Library. Requests to schedule a proctored exam must be made 72 hours in advance. Scheduling is dependent on availability of staff. WNPL may make referrals to other testing sites when there are scheduling conflicts. WNPL also provides tours and presentations pertaining to public library services/issues to classes from area colleges. Policy 3040 Services to Schools Page 2 of 3 When appropriate, the Library may partner with a school within WNPLD to provide a program such as an author visit. Policy 3040 Services to Schools Page 3 of 3