Warren-Newport Public Library District Lake County, Illinois Board of Trustees Policy 3050 Meeting Rooms Adopted: June 13, 2000 Reviewed/Revised: February 19, 2008; January 20, 2009; March 17, 2009; October 18, 2011; November 20, 2012; September 17, 2013; March 17, 2015; November 20, 2018; August 20, 2019; April 19, 2022; August 16, 2022; May 16, 2023 ARTICLE 1. GENERAL POLICY The Board of Trustees of Warren-Newport Public Library District (WNPLD) has adopted this policy to fairly allocate meeting space among the many non-profit community organizations, groups, and governmental agencies that wish to use WNPLD’s facilities. The use of a Library meeting room is a privilege, not a right, requires a valid WNPLD card, and is subject to the sole exclusive discretion of WNPLD. Accordingly, WNPLD reserves the right to deny the use of any meeting room to any organization. ARTICLE 2. TYPES OF MEETINGS Section 2.01 Priority for Meeting Room Use Priority for meeting room use will be assigned in the following manner: 1. WNPLD-sponsored programs and meetings; 2. Meetings and programs of organizations affiliated with WNPLD, such as the Friends of the Warren-Newport Public Library (WNPL); 3. Organizations that partner with WNPL to provide programs and services to the community; 4. Non-profit educational, civic, or cultural programs and meetings of Warren and Newport township organizations; and 5. Community organization programs that are not necessarily cultural or educational in nature. Section 2.02 Endorsements In allowing public use of the meeting rooms, neither WNPLD nor its Board of Trustees endorses any position expressed by any group using the rooms. ARTICLE 3. MEETING ROOM USE Section 3.01 Meeting Rooms Available for Public Use WNPL has two meeting rooms, Meeting Room A and Meeting Room B, which are available for use by cultural, educational, civic, and other non-profit organizations in the community. Organizations applying for use of any meeting room must adhere to the guidelines and regulations in this policy. Section 3.02 Meeting Room Capacities and Equipment Meeting Room A has a maximum capacity of thirty-six (36) people and is equipped with six (6) tables, thirty-six (36) chairs, and public Wi-Fi. Meeting Room B has a maximum capacity of 24 people and is equipped with four (4) tables, twenty-four (24) chairs, and public Wi-Fi. These rooms are intended for larger events and presentations. Those seeking space for meetings with fewer than ten (10) attendees should reserve a Study Room with Adult Services Staff by calling (847) 244-5150 extension 4. WNPLD does not provide equipment such as projectors, microphones, microphone stands portable projection screen, laptops, extension cords, network cables, video cables, easels, and flip charts. Groups desiring to bring their equipment into the Library meeting rooms may do so. Library staff cannot provide assistance with privately owned equipment. Section 3.03 Hours of Meeting Room Availability Meetings may be scheduled Monday through Thursday between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m., Friday between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., and Saturday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Meetings must be concluded and clean up completed by the end of the time for which the meeting room was reserved. When scheduling a room, time for setup and cleanup must be included in the reserved time. No organization will be allowed to remain in the Library after closing. Section 3.04 Fees for Use WNPLD does not charge organizations for the use of the facilities, provided the organizations comply with all restrictions. Any organization that violates any part of this policy may lose its room use privilege. Section 3.05 Reservations, Cancellations, and Denials A WNPLD card holder in good standing, i.e., one whose card is not blocked or barred, may reserve a room for non-profit use online at wnpl.info. The cardholder making the reservation must be eighteen (18) years of age or older and must be present during the room usage. Due to the popularity of WNPL meeting rooms, organizations are limited to one (1) scheduled day per month on a first-come, first-served basis. All rooms must be reserved on the WNPL website at least one week in advance of the requested use date. Meeting Rooms may not be reserved more than two (2) months in advance of the requested use date. Reservations will be made in order of priority as indicated by the dates of the request. Organizations that partner with the Library to provide programs and services to the community may be provided more than one day per month with the approval of the Executive Director. WNPLD reserves the right to cancel any meeting room reservation. Unless the cancellation is due to an emergency, WNPLD will provide the organization at least fourteen (14) days’ notice of the cancellation. Any organization that cancels an event after reserving the meeting space should cancel their reservation within their email confirmation or by telephone at (847) 244-5150, extension 3092. Two or more “no show” reservations will result in WNPLD denying future reservations. If an organization is denied the use of the meeting room, it can appeal the decision in writing to the Board of Library Trustees. The Board of Trustees, in its sole discretion based on the nature of the appeal, may request additional information from the patron and/or the Executive Director. If the Board of Trustees elects to receive additional information, the Board reserves all rights with respect to the terms of the denial of meeting room use. If the Board of Trustees determines there is no need for additional information, the decision of the Executive Director is final. ARTICLE 4. RESPONSIBILITIES The person completing the reservation is responsible for ensuring that the organization abides by the WNPLD Meeting Room Policy. Organizations that do not follow the Meeting Room Policy will be given written warnings of their non-compliance. Meeting privileges will be revoked after two (2) incidents of non-compliance. Compliance with meeting times (especially at Library closing times) will be closely monitored. Upon arriving at the Library to use a reserved room, the person who made the reservation with their library card must report to the Security Desk to sign in and have the room unlocked by WNPLD staff. Organizations using meeting rooms are responsible for their own setup and for general cleanup. Rooms should be left neat and clean and ready for the next scheduled group meeting. Organizations using meeting rooms are responsible for any damage to the room and/or furnishings, including carpet, walls, tables, chairs, artwork, and audiovisual screens. The group responsible for damage will be billed for the cost of repair or replacement. Organizations should report any difficulties or problems with WNPLD property to the Security Desk. WNPLD complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities are requested, organizations using the Library meeting rooms must provide such accommodations. Organizations unable to provide such accommodations will not be allowed to meet in WNPL. All organizations must comply with the terms of this Meeting Room Policy, which is available both on the Library’s website and upon request at any public service desk. ARTICLE 5. RESTRICTIONS Section 5.01 Charges and Membership All meetings must be free of charge and open to the general public, regardless of whether or not someone wishing to attend is a member of the sponsoring organization or group. Non-members may be informed of the nature of the meeting but may not be excluded if they wish to remain. No admission fees, attendance fees, registration fees, etc., may be collected. Section 5.02 Refreshments All organizations and patrons using the Meeting Rooms must adhere to Policy 3070 Food, Drink and Food Allergies. Section 5.03 Private Parties The use of rooms for hosting private parties, receptions, or meetings of a strictly social nature, e.g., family reunions, weddings, and home-show parties, is prohibited. Section 5.04 Professionals Educational programs by professionals, e.g., physicians, financial planners, or attorneys, are permitted only when the program is sponsored as a WNPLD program. A professional wishing to present an educational program should submit an application to the Youth Services or Adult Services Department. WNPLD staff will consider these applications when planning WNPLD- sponsored programs for patrons. Section 5.05 Compliance with the Law The meeting rooms may not be used for any activity that is in violation of local, state, or federal ordinances or laws, including copyright or public performance laws. Section 5.06 Disruptive Meetings Meetings which would interfere with normal WNPLD activities and work because of noise and or other factors will not be permitted. Section 5.07 Staff Assistance WNPLD personnel are not available to assist any organization to rearrange seating, carry supplies to or from the meeting room, etc. Each organization must rely on its own personnel for the performance of these tasks. WNPLD will be responsible for only for furnishing the meeting space, tables and seating. Section 5.08 Meeting Publicity WNPLD does not publicize non-Library-related events. Any publicity that the reserving group distributes may not imply that the Library is connected to the meeting in any manner except for providing the space. Publicity must have the phone number of the group’s contact person. Section 5.09 Room Reassignment WNPLD is solely responsible for the assignment of the meeting rooms for public use. In the event that a meeting must be cancelled or rescheduled, no group may reassign the use of the room. Section 5.10 Mailing Address Organizations meeting in WNPL may not use WNPL as a mailing address. Section 5.11 Items Left in the Library WNPLD is not responsible for items owned by community groups or agencies and left in WNPL, nor can WNPLD provide storage for items. Section 5.12 Smoking and Alcohol Use According to WNPLD policy, smoking is not permitted in the meeting rooms or anywhere else on WNPL grounds. Use of alcohol in the meeting rooms or anywhere else in WNPL is also strictly prohibited. ARTICLE 6. INDEMNIFICATION For and in consideration of the use of the meeting room and WNPLD facilities, any person or group using them agrees to indemnify and hold harmless WNPLD from any and all actions or suits relating to its use of such rooms and facilities. Further, such person or group agrees to reimburse WNPLD for any and all costs for repair of all damage as may caused directly by or indirectly to the room and/or facilities by such use. If any organization refuses to pay for the damage, the matter will be referred to the WNPLD attorney for legal action. _________________________________________