Warren-Newport Public Library District Lake County, Illinois Board of Trustees Policy 3057 Art Collection Adopted: July 16, 2013 Reviewed/Revised: April 19, 2016; March 19, 2019; February 15, 2022 ARTICLE 1. PURPOSE The Warren-Newport Public Library District (WNPLD) maintains a collection of public art. The collection promotes the visual arts and creates an aesthetically pleasing environment for patrons and visitors alike. ARTICLE 2. CRITERIA FOR ART ACQUISITION • Works of art should represent a broad spectrum of artistic expression. Preference for artists living or working in WNPLD, Lake County, and Illinois will be given when considering purchase and receipt of donations. • Works of art must be of sufficiently high artistic merit to warrant inclusion in the collection. This usually requires that the artworks be unique pieces created by artists of established reputation or recognized potential. • Works of art should be compatible with the character of the Library and appropriate to a public library setting. • Works of art should support a unified vision for the Library’s public art collection. • Works of art should enhance or complement the architecture and design of the Library. • Works of art should require little or no maintenance and should be easy and safe to display. ARTICLE 3. MAINTENANCE OF ART COLLECTION The Art Collection is subject to regular inventory, insurance coverage, and periodic appraisal, as necessary. Inventory will include a photographic record, an artist’s statement, and a biography. The care and conservation of artwork may involve professional contractors. ARTICLE 4. DEACQUSITION OF ART A piece of artwork which no longer meets the criteria defined in Article 2 Criteria for Art Acquisition may be donated or sold in accordance with Policy 2035 Disposal or Sale of Library Property. ARTICLE 5. FUNDING FOR ART Funding for art may be provided by the WNPLD Expendable Trust Fund, capital improvement funds, and /or any other source that the Board deems appropriate. Such funding decisions will be made as part of the budgeting process and must be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Trustees. _________________________________________