Warren-Newport Public Library District -Newport Public Library District Lake County, Illinois Board of Trustees Policy 3070 Food, Drink, and Food Allergies Adopted: December 18, 2007 Reviewed/Revised: April 16, 2013; July 19, 2016; February 19, 2019; November 15, 2022* *Title changed from Food Allergies ARTICLE 1. INTRODUCTION The Warren-Newport Public Library District (WNPLD) strives to create a welcoming, clean, and comfortable environment for all to enjoy. Consistent with this goal, food and drink are allowed in the Library on a limited basis and should be consumed in a considerate and responsible manner. Food and drink pose a potential risk to library collections, equipment, and furnishings. In order to protect our resources and facilities from damage, library users are required to act responsibly when consuming food and drink in the Library. ARTICLE 2. FOOD AND DRINK GUIDELINES • Beverages must be in spill-resistant containers with secure caps or covers. • Foods are limited to packaged snacks, finger foods, or wrapped items that are odorless and unlikely to leave stains. Examples of acceptable foods are granola bars, nuts, and pretzels. • Food consumption is not permitted near computers, photocopiers, other electronic equipment. • Food consumption is not permitted in Coco’s Cove or the Quiet Reading Room. • Library users must: o Immediately report spills to staff. o Discard food and drink refuse in trash containers. o Leave all areas clean for use by others. • Unattended food and drink may be confiscated and discarded. • Library users are liable for any damage to library materials or equipment. • The Library reserves the right to disallow food in any area if its consumption interferes with the operation of the library. • This policy does not apply to library sponsored events or programs. ARTICLE 3. FOOD DELIVERIES • WNPL Staff will not accept food deliveries on behalf of library patrons from paid delivery services such as Doordash, GrubHub, Uber Eats or any other vendor delivery service. WNPLD is not responsible for any loss of cost or food. Policy 3070 Food, Drink, and Food Allergies Page 1 of 2 ARTICLE 4. ENFORCEMENT 4. ENFORCEMENT Users violating this policy will be asked to remove the food and drink from the Library. Individuals who do not follow the guidelines of the Food, Drink, and Food Allergies Policy may also be considered in violation of the Policy 3060 Standards of Public Conduct. ARTICLE 5. FOOD ALLERGIES WNPLD is aware that reactions of individuals with food allergies may result in serious medical conditions and reminds all persons with food allergies of the following: • Refreshments are frequently served during Warren-Newport Public Library (WNPL) programs and activities. • Persons with food allergies are responsible for monitoring their intake of refreshments served at WNPL. • Responsibility for monitoring a minor’s refreshments rests with the minor’s parent/guardian/custodial caregiver. WNPLD will endeavor to make a proposed menu of refreshments available 48 hours prior to the program. WNPLD staff is available to discuss measures that may reduce the likelihood of a food allergy reaction at WNPL programs and activities. Library patrons should be aware of the possible presence of food allergens on library materials and furnishings. WNPLD does not monitor food brought in by outside groups. Policy 3070 Food, Drink, and Food Allergies Page 2 of 2