Warren-Newport Public Library District Lake County, Illinois Board of Trustees Policy 3072 Local Author Collection Adopted: September 20, 2022 Reviewed/Revised: ARTICLE 1. INTRODUCTION The Warren-Newport Public Library District (WNPLD) is an idea center that seeks to empower creative expression. A vital aspect of this is to support local authors by giving their books a place in the Local Author Collection. ARTICLE 2. LOCAL AUTHOR COLLECTION GUIDELINES WNPLD is home to many writers whose work may be featured in the Local Author Collection. A single copy of a book donated by WNPLD authors may be added to the Local Author Collection. Materials that are donated become the property of the Warren-Newport Public Library (WNPL) and will not be returned to the donor. Collection guidelines: • Local authors must reside in or have a connection to the WNPLD community. • Books that are set in the local WNPLD area may also be included in this collection. • Adult, Young Adult, and Children’s books are acceptable. • Items must have been published in the last three (3) years, and they must be in new or like-new condition. • Author donations are limited to three (3) titles per year. • WNPL may add donated books to the Local Author Collection but does not purchase titles for the Local Author Collection. • Inclusion of a title does not constitute endorsement of its content by WNPL staff or the WNPLD Board of Trustees. • WNPL staff reserve the right to decide when a book must be withdrawn. ARTICLE 3. WHAT LOCAL AUTHORS CAN EXPECT FROM WNPL Through inclusion of a local author’s works in the Local Author Collection, WNPL supports the author’s efforts to make their work accessible to the larger community. WNPL bears no additional obligation for marketing the author’s work. It is neither the role nor the responsibility of the WNPL to provide any of the following services for authors: literary agent, reviewer, proofreader, publisher, editor, or publicist. Items in the Local Author Collection will be part of a browsing collection, searchable in the library catalog, and available for interlibrary loan. _________________________________________