Warren-Newport Public Library District Lake County, Illinois Board of Trustees Policy 4005 Volunteers Adopted: February 20, 2007 Reviewed/Revised: September 18, 2012; September 21, 2015; December 19, 2017; September 15, 2020 ARTICLE 1. INTRODUCTION The Warren-Newport Public Library District (WNPLD) Volunteer Program supports Library staff and enhances Library services. Through the commitment of time and the contribution of talent, volunteers help the Warren-Newport Public Library (WNPL) provide quality service while responding to the needs of our community. Their assistance at Library events and behind the scenes helps WNPL to run efficiently and to achieve its goals. Volunteers have the satisfaction of knowing they are helping their community while they stay active, meet new people, gain or retain skills, and learn about WNPL. We value and appreciate our wonderful volunteers. ARTICLE 2. VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES Volunteer opportunities include performing clerical work, making phone calls, shelving or processing library materials, assisting in a computer class, dusting, and maintaining the picture book room, to name a few. While WNPL appreciates every person who wishes to volunteer at WNPL, opportunities are limited. If a position matching WNPL needs with volunteer abilities and interests becomes available, the Volunteer Coordinator will contact that individual to schedule an interview. With advance notice, the Volunteer Coordinator will strive to assist students in the completion of school-required service hours. WNPL cannot provide volunteer opportunities on a �drop-in� basis or accept volunteer applications from those who are required to complete court-ordered community service. ARTICLE 3. APPLICATIONS AND BACKGROUND CHECKS Volunteer applicants must be high school students or adults. Adult applicants are required to complete an Adult Volunteer Application and must agree to a criminal background check. High school students are required to complete a Student Volunteer Application. Students under eighteen (18) need parental permission to participate in the Volunteer Program. Application forms are available at the WNPL checkout desk and via the WNPL website. Completed applications will be held for six (6) months. ARTICLE 4. SCHEDULES AND CONDUCT All volunteers must commit to an assignment, arrive when scheduled, dress appropriately, wear an ID badge while on duty, maintain strict confidentiality, and follow all WNPLD policies and procedures. ARTICLE 5. INSURANCE COVERAGE WNPLD recognizes the risk of injury which is a part of every activity. For that reason, WNPLD carries insurance to provide coverage to volunteers who are injured while performing a task assigned by the Executive Director, their designee, or the Board of Trustees as part of the Volunteer Program. This coverage is provided at the same level as the accidental injury coverage provided to employees of WNPLD. _________________________________________