Warren-Newport Public Library District -Newport Public Library District Lake County, Illinois Board of Trustees Policy 4013 Gift Donation Adopted: June 15, 1999 Reviewed/Revised: April 10, 2003, November 17, 2009, June 18, 2013; September 21, 2015; November 21, 2017; January 16, 2018; March 19, 2019; May 17, 2022 ARTICLE 1. INTRODUCTION The Warren-Newport Public Library District (WNPLD) is grateful for gifts and recognizes that both the collection and the facility have been enriched by donations of materials and by monetary contributions. Through donations, WNPLD has been able to enhance facilities and acquire materials that might not otherwise have been possible. ARTICLE 2. DONATIONS OF MATERIALS When accepting a gift of materials, WNPLD reserves the right to decide whether items donated will be added to its collection. Of the many books and other materials which are generously given to WNPLD, a significant portion can be used. Some materials, however, are not added to the collection for one or more of the following reasons: • The donation is a duplicate of an item already owned in a sufficient number. • The donation is outdated or not of sufficient reference or circulation value. • The donation is in such poor condition that cataloging and preparing it for circulation would not justify the expense of processing it. Donated material will be judged by the same standards of selection as those applied to the purchase of new materials. WNPLD accepts gift materials with the understanding that materials that are useful to the library collection will be retained while other materials may be disposed of in whatever manner WNPLD deems best. WNPLD necessarily reserves the right to interfile gifts with other collections on the same subject so that all collections are organized and classified according to the library standards for the most effective public service. It is also understood that any book or other material accepted for and added to the collection may be withdrawn from the collection in the future. Upon the request of the donor, WNPLD will provide a receipt to confirm a donation of materials. (Exhibit A) Policy 4013 Gift Donation Page 1 of 3 ARTICLE 3. GIFT BOOK/MATERIAL PROGRAM WNPLD welcomes monetary contributions specifically for book/material purchases in memory of or in honor of named individuals. When such a donation is made, the donor may request to have the names of the memorial, honoree, and/or donor placed within the material. To ensure that a donor’s generosity is properly acknowledged, a form to record the information will be given to the donor for completion. (Exhibit B) ARTICLE 4. DONATIONS OF WORKS OF ART Although works of art and other such gifts are usually welcomed and valued, the final decision on their acceptance rests with the Board of Trustees. Items donated to WNPLD or purchased with monetary donations to WNPLD might be sold or disposed of in the best interest of WNPLD. WNPLD cannot commit itself to house a donation in perpetuity. ARTICLE 5. MONETARY DONATIONS WNPLD welcomes gifts of cash, insurance proceeds, bonds, stocks, and real estate. It is the custom of WNPLD to expend cash gifts on material, equipment, or a project that is acceptable to the donor. A donor may request that such material, equipment, or projects be named in memorial to or in honor of named individuals. Toensurethata donor’sgenerosityisproperly acknowledged, a form to record the information will be given to the donor for completion. (Exhibit B) All donations to WNPLD are accepted only if, in the opinion of the Board of Trustees, the donations are in the best interest of WNPLD. No restricted gift can be accepted unless the Board of Trustees has specifically approved the agreement. All gifts may be used, sold, or disposed of in the best interest of WNPLD as determined by the Board of Trustees. Unrestricted gifts are initially placed in the Expendable Trust Fund and may later be moved to the Endowment Fund. These funds are fully described in policies 2020 Expendable Trust Fund and 2022 Endowment Fund. ARTICLE 6. RECOGNITION OF GIFTS All identifiable and/or known donors will receive an acknowledgment of the gift in the form of a thank you letter from the Executive Director or their designee. When WNPLD accepts a gift or gifts with a value of over $500, the donor will be honored on the WNPLD Legacy Tree. Policy 4013 Gift Donation Page 2 of 3 ARTICLE 7. LEGACY TREE PROGRAM LEGACY TREE PROGRAM The Legacy Tree was established in 1998 by former WNPLD Board President Carol McConnell for the purpose of recognizing the generosity of donors to WNPLD. Donors and memorials reaching specific dollar levels, whether through a one-time contribution or through multiple contributions, will have their names engraved on a decorative leaf or boulder to honor their level of giving as follows: • Bronze Leaf $ 500.00 • Silver Leaf $ 1,000.00 • Gold Leaf $ 3,000.00 • Small Boulder $ 5,000.00 • Large Boulder $10,000.00 ARTICLE 8. INCOME TAX STATEMENTS Upon receipt of a donation, WNPLD will issue the known or identifiable donor a letter of acknowledgement that can be used for tax purposes. This acknowledgement will not appraise the value of a donation. Obtaining an appraisal or otherwise determining the value of such a donation is the responsibility of the donor. ARTICLE 9. DONOR PRIVACY Information concerning donors or prospective donors, including their names or any other information for which there is a reasonable expectation of privacy and/or confidentiality, is kept strictly confidential by WNPLD, its Board of Trustees, staff, and volunteers, unless written permission is obtained from the donor to release such information. Donors who wish to remain anonymous and not be included in published lists of donors must state so at the time of the gift. Completion of the donation remittance envelope or mention of name on any correspondence accompanying the donation is deemed written permission to be included in published lists of donors. Policy 4013 Gift Donation Page 3 of 3 Date Name Address City State Zip Phone number Email Thank you for your donation of material to the Warren-Newport Public Library District! We are always grateful to receive such gifts. We appreciate your donation and will consider adding it to our collection. Gifts that do not fit our collection needs are donated to the Friends of the Library for their sale, and proceeds from the sale come back to the Library. Sincerely, Ryan Livergood EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Materials Donated Due to IRS regulations, the Library cannot appraise the value of a donation of materials. Policy 4013 Gift Donation Exhibit A Page 1 of 1 Submit completed form to WNPL Administration Office. Date: Attach check # or $ Staff Member: I would like to give a gift □ in memory of □ in honor of □ other (please specify) Gift Given by: NAME NAME ADDRESS ADDRESS CITY Please use this gift STATE ZIP CITY □ as the Library sees fit □ for a book in the suggested subject area: □ other (specify, please) STATE ZIP □ Place the following amount or percentage in the Endowment Fund A gift to the Endowment Fund contributes to the future of the Library. The interest earned on the Endowment Fund is available to be used for Library projects. Please send acknowledgement to: NAME NAME ADDRESS ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP CITY STATE ZIP FOR STAFF USE ONLY □ Money received $ □ Thank you sent □ Title selected List title(s) received: □ Fund set up (if needed) □ Acknowledgement sent to family □ Title received □ Forward to selector □ Bookplate inserted Policy 4013 Gift Donation Exhibit B Page 1 of 1