Warren-Newport Public Library District Lake County, Illinois Board of Trustees Policy 4015 Sponsorship Adopted: May 15, 2007 Reviewed/Revised: November 20, 2012; January 20, 2015; April 17, 2018; October 19, 2021 ARTICLE 1. PURPOSE AND DEFINITION The purpose of this policy is to define the sponsorship policy of the Warren-Newport Public Library District (WNPLD). Sponsorship is an agreement between WNPLD and a sponsor whereby WNPLD receives either money or a benefit in kind for an event, campaign, or initiative. The sponsoring organization or individual receives publicity or other benefits. ARTICLE 2. OBJECTIVES WNPLD has the following objectives in sponsorship relationships:  to obtain sponsorship for appropriate events, campaigns, or initiatives;  to protect the position and reputation of WNPLD;  to provide a consistent and professional approach toward sponsorship;  to obtain optimum value in sponsorship arrangements; and  to protect Trustees and employees from claims of inappropriate dealings or relationships with sponsors. ARTICLE 3. GENERAL PRINCIPLES Section 3.01 Opportunities The WNPLD will seek opportunities to work with both local and national organizations by identifying sponsorship opportunities of mutual benefit in keeping with WNPLD’s priorities and values. Section 3.02 Relationships with Sponsors Sponsorship provides publicity and advertising for sponsors, thus raising the profile of sponsors within WNPLD. WNPLD will not put itself in a position where a sponsorship has or may appear to have:  influenced WNPLD Trustees or Employees in carrying out their responsibilities;  attempted to gain favorable terms from the WNPLD in any transaction; and/or  aligned WNPLD with an organization whose values conflict with WNPLD values. Policy 4015 Sponsorship Page 1 of 2 Section 3.03 Unsuitable Sponsors WNPLD will not entertain sponsorships from organizations which:  are religious in nature;  are in financial or legal conflict with WNPLD;  are primarily political in purpose; and/or  embrace values that conflict with WNPLD values. Section 3.04 Policies WNPLD will comply with Board Policy 2025 Purchasing (Bids/Quotes) and may advertise sponsorship opportunities. ARTICLE 4. PROCEDURES  In seeking sponsorship, WNPLD will consider its sponsorship strategy and this policy and will follow applicable guidelines.  All sponsorship proposals must be approved by the Executive Director and the Board of Library Trustees with a value exceeding $5,000  Sponsorship proposals with a value exceeding $10,000 may be referred to the WNPLD legal counsel for review.  All prospective sponsors will be given a copy of this Policy. ARTICLE 5. DISTRICT DISCRETION WNPLD retains complete discretion with respect to all of the following:  approving sponsorships;  approving the nature and content of all materials to be used by a sponsor; and  terminating a sponsorship where there is a violation of this policy or the sponsorship agreement. Policy 4015 Sponsorship Page 2 of 2