Library Cards

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Last updated: May 20, 2014

Article 1: Statement of Philosophy: All residents of the Warren Newport Public Library District (WNPLD) are encouraged to apply for a library card so that they may avail themselves of the variety of materials, services, and programs offered by the library. Library cards will be provided in as expedient a way as possible to facilitate participation in library services.

Article 2: Eligibility

  1. Section 2.01 Residence: Any person residing in the Warren-Newport Public Library District will be eligible to receive a library card.
  2. Section 2.02 Property Ownership or Business Affiliation: Any person owning a piece of property, or being the principal stockholder in a business, or being a partner in a business, or renting business property located within the boundaries of the library district is eligible for one library card with the business’s name appearing on it. The business official who obtains the card is responsible for all use made of it until it is reported lost or stolen.
  3. Section 2.03 District Schools: The library will offer each school in the service district a building-level library card, which can be used to check out materials and access online databases. See the Library Services to Schools Policy for more detail.
  4. Section 2.04 Ownership of Card: A library card is issued to a specific person and is not transferable. The person to whom a card is issued is responsible for all use made of the card until it is reported lost or stolen. A library card remains the property of the Warren-Newport Public Library District.
  5. Section 2.05 Obligation to Former Libraries: Any person moving into WNPLD from another library district and applying for a WNPLD card will be required to meet any obligations he or she may have with his or her former library before a WNPLD card will be issued.

Article 3: Proof of Residency

Section 3.01 Forms of Identification

Any person applying for a library card shall provide two forms of identification that verify their residency in the library district. One must be a picture ID (an Illinois driver’s license, a state ID card, military ID card, or a passport). If the picture ID used does not verify the patron’s library district residence, a third form of identification must be provided. Acceptable forms of identification include:

  1. Driver’s license or state ID
  2. Cancelled mail with current postmark
  3. Banking checks
  4. Real estate tax bill from Lake County
  5. Current utility bill
  6. Illinois Motor Vehicle Registration
  7. Lease
  8. Firearms Owner’s Identification (FOID) card
  9. Matricular consular cards

Section 3.02: Residency of Children: A district resident under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian in order to apply for a library card. The address of the parent/guardian having primary custody will be used to determine a child’s residency. In the case of joint custody with both addresses being in the district, the parents/guardians must choose only one address for the library card.

Article 4: Nonresident Library Cards

  1. Section 4.01 Non-Resident Status: A nonresident is defined as any person residing outside of an area served by a public library in the State of Illinois.
  2. Section 4.02 Non-Resident Cards: A nonresident who wishes to use a public library must apply for and pay for a nonresident library card at the public library that is closest to his or her residence and that serves residents of the high school district in which the nonresident has his or her principal residence. The Warren-Newport Public Library is not the closest public library to any non-resident. Therefore, non-resident cards are not issued at WNPL.

Article 5: Temporary Library Cards

  1. Section 5.01 Term of Residency: Temporary cards are issued to patrons who will be residing in the district more than one month but less than one year.
  2. Section 5.02 Proof of Residency: A picture ID and proof of current residency in the district will be required for temporary card applicants. Acceptable proof of residency includes:
    1. Rental agreement
    2. Motel/Hotel agreement of no less than thirty (30) days
    3. Cancelled mail
  3. Section 5.03 Expiration: An appropriate expiration date will be entered in the database.

Article 6: Other Illinois Library Cards

  1. Section 6.01 Verification: The Warren-Newport Public Library honors all valid library cards issued by any other public library in Illinois, pending verification of the home library that the card is current and in good standing.
  2. Section 6.02 Identification: Two forms of identification are needed for the registration of a library card from another Illinois public library.

Article 7: Library Cards for Staff

Staff members not residing in WNPLD will be issued a WNPLD card.

Article 8: Re-Registration of Library Cards

  1. Section 8.01  Expiration: A library card expires three years after it is issued.
  2. Section 8.02  Identification: Any patron re-registering a library card shall provide identification to verify his or her residency in the library district. See Section 3.01 (“Forms of Identification”) of this policy. A parent may re-register a minor child without the child being present.

Article 9: Use of Library Card

  1. Section 9.01 Presentation: A library card should be presented each time a patron wishes to check out or reserve materials or to use Internet computers.
  2. Section 9.02 Absence of the Library Card: A patron who has been issued a library card may check out without that library card upon presentation of a valid Illinois driver’s license or state ID card with an address matching the address in our records. A student between under the age of eighteen (18) years who verifies information in our database may use a school ID with photo in lieu of a state ID.

Article 10: Replacement of Library Cards

Patrons are responsible for having cards replaced by the library when the cards are lost, damaged beyond use, or stolen. A replacement fee will be charged. See the Fines and Fees Policy.