Staff Contacts

Administration Department

Ryan Livergood, Executive Director, 847-244-5150 ext. 3008

Rebekah Raleigh, Deputy Director, 847-244-5150 ext. 3026

Sandra Beda, Head of Communications, 847-244-5150, ext. 3018

Jennifer Hoy, Human Resources Manager, 847-244-5150, ext. 3007

Laura Stone, Administrative Fundraising Assistant/Volunteer Coordinator, 847-244-5150, ext. 3059

Doug Wideburg, Business Manager, 847-244-5150 ext. 3006

Department Heads

Click on a staff member’s name for contact information:

Kathie Fifer, Head of Adult Services 847-244-5150, ext. 3002

Miguel Ramirez-Cavazos, Head of Facilities 847-244-5150, ext. 3013

Smruti Savarkar, Head of IT 847-244-5150, ext. 3011

Jessica Kiesler, Head of Youth Services 847-244-5150, ext. 3040

Amy Meyer, Head of Technical Services and Interlibrary Loan  847-244-5150, ext. 3048

Cathy Sokley, Head of Circulation Services  847-244-5150, ext. 3024

Scott Krinninger, Head of Mobile Services, 847-244-5150, ext. 3025

Library Services

Click on a library service for contact information:

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) 847-244-5150, ext. 3034.

Ask Us (Adult Services) 847-244-5150, press 4 at the opening menu.