Celebration Square

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Celebration Square Brick Paver Campaign

Get in on the ground floor of the beautification of the entry walkway. Purchase a 4”x 8” engraved brick with three lines for $75 or an 8”x 8” engraved brick with six lines for $150. Corporate pavers are also available at 8″x 8″ bricks with two lines plus logo for $300. Great idea for families, clubs and businesses!

$75 for a 4”x8” engraved brick with three linesprint form
online order form
$150 for an 8”x8” engraved brick with six linesprint formonline order form
$300 for an 8"x8" engraved corporate brickprint formonline order form

Print order forms also available at the Check Out Desk or on the Bookmobile. For more information, please review our FAQs.