Loan Periods

Article 1: Loan Periods

Section 1.01 Main Library Materials

Browsing Collection DVDs (“Hot Flicks”) DVDS….Three (3) days
Television Series DVDs…Fourteen (14) days
Feature film DVDs, Browsing Collection books (“Hot Picks”), magazines and video games….Seven (7) days
All other materials, including books and audiobooks….Twenty-one (21) days

Section 1.02 Bookmobile Materials
1. DVDs and magazines….Fourteen (14) days
2. All other materials….Twenty-eight (28) days

Article 2: Renewal of Materials
Any material with a hold placed on it may not be renewed. Browsing Collection materials (“Hot Picks” books and “Hot Flicks” DVDs) may not be renewed. All other materials, including feature film DVDs, may be renewed three (3) times unless the material has a hold placed on it.