Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month!

Check out these books and celebrate the history, culture, and achievements of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders!

I am an American: the Wong Kim Ark story
A timely and important picture book that introduces readers to Wong Kim Ark, who challenged the Supreme Court for his right to be an American citizen.



Fighting to Belong!
In this book, the first volume of a three-book series, our middle school protagonists Padmini, Sammy, Joe, and Tiana and their guide, Kenji, embark on an amazing journey through time to witness key events in AANHPI history. They witness the arrival of the “Manilamen” to the United States in the eighteenth century and fly through significant moments in the next 150 years.




Gigi Shin is not a Nerd
Determined to go to an elite art camp, young Korean American girl Gigi Shin starts a tutoring club with her friends to make money, but when the first few sessions are chaotic, she wonders if she’ll end up sacrificing more than she bargained for to achieve her dreams.




Meet me on Mercer Street
Aspiring artist Kacie spends most of her time on Mercer Street with her best friend, Nisha, people-watching and doodling whatever is happening in their neighborhood. But when she comes back from a summer away, the local corner store is boarded up, the adults in town are all on edge, and Nisha is nowhere to be found! Everything is changing, and Kacie’s not sure what to do about it. Especially without Nisha to help her. But Kacie has a knack for noticing things, and with her sketchbooks and observational skills, she just might have what it takes to figure out what’s really happening on Mercer Street.



Karthik Delivers
Karthik Raghavan, is stuck one summer delivering groceries for his father’s store, when he gets the unexpected chance to star as the lead in a play about a famous musician. Will this be how he can finally get his crush’s attention?





Barbed Wire Baseball
Traces the childhood dream of Japanese-American baseball pioneer Kenichi Zenimura of playing professionally and his family’s struggles in a World War II internment camp where he introduces baseball to raise hope.




Four individuals of dual male and female spirit bring their healing arts from Tahiti to Hawaii, where they are beloved for their gentle ways and miraculous cures and where they imbue four giant boulders with their powers.



Bilal Cooks Daal
Bilal and his father invite his friends to help make his favorite dish, daal, then all must wait patiently for it to be done. Includes an author’s note and a chana daal recipe.




Not So Ghoul
Desperate to find a middle haunting ground between her cultures after being told by her ancestors to dress and behave like a good Chinese ghost, Mimi plans a ghastly new look that could either give a fabulous fright or be a grave mistake.



The Boy who Tried to Shrink his Name
When Zimdalamashkermishkada starts a new school, he decides to shrink his name to the shorter, simpler Zim, but when his new friend Elly sees him for who he truly is, Zimdalamashkermishkada finds the confidence to step proudly into his long name.