Celebrate the Changing Seasons

October is right around the corner, and the weather is starting to turn cooler. Autumn officially begins September 22! Celebrate everything about autumn with these materials from Hoopla.

Leaf Jumpers

Graceful, poetic text celebrates the beauty of autumn leaves, while the simple text at the end explains why leaves change color. Readers learn how to identify all sorts of leaves from red maple to sycamore by their color, shape, and other characteristics. 


Fletcher and the Falling Leaves (movie) by Julia Rawlinson

It is autumn and Fletcher is worried because his favorite tree is losing its leaves. He wants to help but when the last leaf falls, he feels he has let down a friend…until winter arrives and his tree is transformed.



Summer Green To Autumn Gold

This nonfiction picture book, written and illustrated by Mia Posada, beautifully explains why leaves change color in fall. It highlights both the eye-catching colors of the season and the science behind the colors. 

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