Contagion by Erin Bowman

Contagion takes place in a futuristic society where corporations fund massive space missions to obtain resources. When a company’s planet colony sends out a distress signal, the company orders a rescue crew to investigate. Unfortunately, the planet’s crew has been contaminated and only one survivor remains meet the rescue crew. The rest of the contaminated crew aren’t quite dead and give the rescue crew a lot to worry about.

This title had a great plot and intriguing characters. When this book was used during Teen Book Club, it drove a wonderful discussion and on top of it all, the kids put the second book in the duology on hold immediately! The writing is descriptive, but had great pacing and vocabulary for a YA novel. The book is a wonderful blend of sci-fi and horror, keeping the reader enticed with believable sci-fi tech without distracting from the deadly threat the crew faces. I wholly recommend this book to teens, especially those looking for a unique take on the horror genre.

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Reviewed by Scott.