December is Learn a Foreign Language Month

December is “learn a foreign language month,” and there are so many reasons to learn a foreign language! Language learning supports academic achievement, improved reading abilities, linguistic awareness, and positive attitudes towards other cultures. Get started with Mango Languages, a great resource free to use with your Warren-Newport Public Library card! Here are some other resources for learning about languages and getting started on your own linguistic journey:

Fluent Forever by Gabriel Wyner

“Starting with pronunciation, you’ll learn how to rewire your ears and turn foreign sounds into familiar sounds. And with the help of sophisticated spaced-repetition techniques, you’ll be able to memorize hundreds of words a month in minutes every day.”

Breaking out of beginner's Spanish Cover

Breaking out of Beginner’s Spanish by Joseph J. Keenan

“Written by a native English speaker who learned Spanish the hard way–by trying to talk to Spanish-speaking people–this book offers English speakers with a basic knowledge of Spanish hundreds of tips for using the language more fluently and colloquially, with fewer obvious ‘gringo’ errors.”

What language is book cover - blue with white word bubbles for the title

What Language Is by John McWhorter

“An eye-opening tour for all language lovers, What Language Is offers a fascinating new perspective on the way humans communicate. from vanishing languages spoken by a few hundred people to major tongues like Chinese, and with copious revelations about the hodgepodge nature of English, John McWhorter shows readers how to see and hear languages as a linguist does.”

How Language Works by David Crystal Cover - Cream Background with a parrot on a branch illustrated

How Language Works by David Crystal

“In this fascinating survey of everything from how sounds become speech to how names work, David Crystal answers every question you might ever have had about the nuts and bolts of language in his usual highly illuminating way.”

Flirting in French cover with red border and a beret/mustache combination framing the title

Flirting with French by William Alexander

“William Alexander is not just a Francophile, he wants to be French. It’s not enough to explore the country, to enjoy the food and revel in the ambiance, he wants to feel French from the inside. Among the things that stand in his way is the fact that he can’t actually speak the language.”

dreaming in hindi cover with a turquoise background with a bed in the bottom left corner

Dreaming in Hindi: Coming Awake in Another Language by Katherine Russell Rich

“An eye-opening and courageous memoir that explores what learning a new language can teach us about distant worlds and, ultimately, ourselves. After miraculously surviving a serious illness, Katherine Rich found herself at an impasse in her career as a magazine editor.”

Feel free to ask about other materials and databases in English and other languages at either the Youth Services or Adult Services Desks. Happy reading!