Delicious! By Ruth Reichl

Lulu leaves home and school to find a career in food in New York City. She lands the perfect starter gig as an assistant at Delicious! magazine. To go along with this new venture is an introduction to the local cheese maker, Sal and his wife Rosalie who embrace Lulu and actually hire her part time to help out at the shop.

The job at Delicious! seems like a dream come true but it’s not long until it is announced that the magazine will be closing doors. Lulu feels lost and wonders where to go from here. It’s then that she discovers a secret room in the magazine’s library. The secret room contains letters from WWII, written by a young girl to the famous chef, James Beard. These letters become a mystery and Lulu throws herself into reading them and trying to unravel the secret before the magazine is officially closed.

The story has everything – a romance, a mystery, a lovable main character and a few twists. If you like a good mystery, historical fiction, or consider yourself to be a foodie, you will enjoy Delicious! Find it in our catalog here.