Emergency Closings

Emergency Closure AlertWeather Alert with Lightning bolt on orange and yellow backgroundDelayed Opening Alert

WNPL takes emergency closings very seriously, with the safety of patrons and staff as our primary concern. WNPL may open on a delayed basis or close earlier than our posted hours due to emergency conditions.

The following are factors in deciding to close on an emergency basis:

  • Predicted snow exceeding 6 inches and/or ice amounts exceeding 1/2 inch, predicted low visibility & rapidly decreasing temperatures
  • Emergency services (such as Village of Gurnee, Gurnee Police Department, or Lake County Sheriff) indicating that road conditions are deteriorating or will rapidly deteriorate, prohibiting travel
  • District school or other significant area closings include local township offices, College of Lake County, Gurnee Mills, etc.
  • Unsafe conditions occurring on the property
  • Insufficient staff to keep the library open

The Mobile Services fleet will be off-road at all times when the Library is closed.

The following are additional factors that can lead to an emergency closure of the Mobile Services fleet:

  • Unsafe weather and road conditions
  • Insufficient staff to drive the Mobile Services fleet
  • Mechanical problems within the Mobile Services fleet

If an emergency closing is determined, WNPL will make every effort to post notices to our website and social media presences.