Fiction Alert

AuthorTitlePublication DateGenre
Higashino, KeigoFinal CurtainDecember 2023Mystery/International
Armstrong, JessThe Curse of Penryth HallDecember 2023Mystery
Burcell, RobinClive Cussler The Serpent's EyeDecember 2023Action & Adventure
Cook, RobinManner of DeathDecember 2023Thriller/Medical
Faulkner, KatherineThe Other MothersDecember 2023Thriller/Domestic
Frear, CazFive Bad DeedsDecember 2023Thriller/Domestic
Kane, DarbyThe Engagement PartyDecember 2023Thriller/Psychological
Laskowski, TaraThe Weekend RetreatDecember 2023Thriller/Domestic
Parks, AdeleTwo Dead WivesDecember 2023Thriller/Domestic
Bradford, Barbara TaylorThe Wonder of It AllDecember 2023Historical
Christensen, KateWelcome Home, StrangerDecember 2023Women
Korn, GabrielleYours for the TakingDecember 2023Dystopian
Platt, ChristineRebecca, Not BeckyDecember 2023Community
Ailes, KatExpectant DetectivesJanuary 2024Mystery
Hastings, AnastasiaOf Hoaxes and HomicideJanuary 2024Mystery/Historical
Parekh, NishitaThe Night of the StormJanuary 2024Mystery
Robb, J.D.Random in DeathJanuary 2024Mystery/Police Procedural
Bertino, Marie-HeleneBeautylandJanuary 2024Literary Fiction
Lefteri, ChristyThe Book of FireJanuary 2024Literary Fiction
Reid, KileyCome and Get ItJanuary 2024Literary Fiction
Hawkins, RachelThe HeiressJanuary 2024Thriller
Kahler, AbbottWhere You EndJanuary 2024Thriller
Krentz, Jayne AnnThe Night IslandJanuary 2024Thriller
Michaelides, AlexThe FuryJanuary 2024Thriller
Willingham, StacyOnly If You're LuckyJanuary 2024Thriller
Grumley, Michael C.Deep FreezeJanuary 2024Thriller
Marshall, Kate AliceNo One Can KnowJanuary 2024Thriller
Fredericks, MariahThe Wharton PlotJanuary 2024Historical Fiction
Blake, OlivieAtlas ComplexJanuary 2024Fantasy
Dickinson, SethExordiaJanuary 2024SF
Esslemont, Ian C.Forge of the HIgh MageJanuary 2024Fantasy
Golden, ChristopherThe House of Last ResortJanuary 2024Horror
Knutsdottir, HildurThe Night GuestJanuary 2024Horror
McGuire, SeananMislaid in Part Half-KnownJanuary 2024Fantasy
Modesitt, L.E., Jr.From the ForestJanuary 2024Fantasy
Pokwatka, AimeeThe ParliamentJanuary 2024Fantasy
Sanderson, BrandonThe Sunlit ManJanuary 2024Fantasy
Weber, DavidTo Challenge HeavenJanuary 2024SF
Atrek, InciHoliday CountryJanuary 2024Coming of Age
Frankel, LaurieFamily FamilyJanuary 2024Family Life
McCauley, StephenYou Only Call When You're in TroubleJanuary 2024Family Life
Steel, DanielleUpside DownJanuary 2024Family Life
Beaton, M.C.Death of a SpyFebruary 2024Mystery
Stevenson, BenjaminEveryone on this Train Is A SuspectFebruary 2024Mystery
Blake, MatthewAnna O.February 2024Thriller
Muller, ThomasRumor Game February 2024Thriller
Paris, B.A.The GuestFebruary 2024Thriller
Ryan, Hank PhilippiOne Wrong WordFebruary 2024Thriller
Berry, SteveThe Atlas ManeuverFebruary 2024Thriller
Box, C.J.Three Inch TeethFeburary 2024Thriller
Downing, DavidUnion StationFebruary 2024Thriller
Grippando, JamesGoodbye GirlFebruary 2024Thriller
Hurwitz, GregLone WolfFebruary 2024Thriller
Kellerman, JonathanThe Ghost OrchidFebruary 2024Thriller
Lawson, MikeKingpinFebruary 2024Thriller
Patterson, JamesHolmes, Miss Marple, and Poe: InvestigationsFebruary 2024Thriller
Petrie, NickThe Price You PayFebruary 2024Thriller
Young, ErinOriginal SinsFebruary 2024Thriller
HollanderEveryone Who Can Forgive Me is DeadFebruary 2024Thriller
Burke, James LeeHarbor LightsFebruary 2024Short Stories
Hannah, KristinThe WomenFebruary 2024Popular Fiction
Kapelke-DaleThe Fortune SellerFebruary 2024Popular Fiction

Gray, MadeleineGreen DotFebruary 2024Relationships
Love, RyanArthur and Teddy Are Coming OutFebruary 2024Family
Sainteclaire, CelineSugar, BabyFebruary 2024Relationships
Tomlinson, SarahLast Days of the Midnight RamblersFebruary 2024Relationships
Choo, YangszeThe Fox WifeFebruary 2024Historical Fiction
Livesey, MargotThe Road from BelhavenFebruary 2024Historical Fiction
Quin, EilishMedeaFebruary 2024Historical Fiction
Clark, P. DjeliDead Cat Tail AssassinsFebruary 2024Fantasy
Doctorow, CoryThe BezzleFebruary 2024SF
Huang, JustinianThe Emperor and the Endless PalaceFebruary 2024Fantasy
Jones, Stephen GrahamThe Angel of Indian LakeFebruary 2024Horror
Kingfisher, T.What Feasts at NightFebruary 2024Horror
Kristoff, JayEmpire of the DamnedFebruary 2024Fantasy
Pulley, NatashaThe Mars HouseFebruary 2024SF
Black, CaraMurder at La VilletteMarch 2024Mystery/International
Child, LauraMurder in the Tea LeavesMarch 2024Mystery/Cozy
Cosimano, ElleFinlay Donovan Rolls the DiceMarch 2024Mystery
Hall, TamronWatch Where They HideMarch 2024Mystery
Horowitz, AnthonyClose to DeathMarch 2024Mystery
Tintera, AmyListen for the LieMarch 2024Mystery
Goodhand, JamesThe Day TripperMarch 2024Literary
Gowda, Shilpi SomayaA Great CountryMarch 2024Literary
Greer, SierraAnnie BotMarch 2024Literary
Lyon, RachelFruit of the DeadMarch 2024Literary
Banks, RussellAmerican SpiritsMarch 2024Literary
Braunstein, SarahBad AnimalsMarch 2024Literary
Henriquez, CristinaThe Great DivideMarch 2024Literary
Lennon, FerdiaGlorious ExploitsMarch 2024Literary
Orange, TommyWandering StarsMarch 2024Literary
Denfeld, ReneSleeping GiantsMarch 2024Thriller
French, NicciHas Anyone Seen Charlotte Salter?March 2024Thriller
Gardner, LisaStill See You EverywhereMarch 2024Thriller
Patterson, JamesThe #1 LawyerMarch 2024Thriller
Patterson, JamesThe Murder InnMarch 2024Thriller
Unger, LisaThe New Couple in 5BMarch 2024Thriller
Gomez-Jurado, JuanBlack WolfMarch 2024Thriller
Kurkov, AndreyThe Silver BoneMarch 2024Thriller
McTiernan, DervlaWhat Happened to Nina?March 2024Thriller
Gonzalez, XochitlAnita de Monte Laughs LastMarch 2024Popular Fiction
Graves, Tracey GarvisThe Trail of Lost HeartsMarch 2024Popular Fiction
Lovering, CarolaBye BabyMarch 2024Popular Fiction
Maupin, AmisteadMona of the ManorMarch 2024Pop/LGBTQ+
Quindlen, AnnaAfter AnnieMarch 2024Family
Serle, RebeccaExpiration DatesMarch 2024Popular Fiction
Frost, CarolineThe Last VerseMarch 2024Popular Fiction
Steel, DanielleNever Too LateMarch 2024Popular Fiction
Hazell, LottiePigletMarch 2024Popular Fiction
Wan, SophieWomen of Good FortuneMarch 2024Friendship
Beaird, RowanThe DivorceesMarch 2024Historical
Labuskes, BriannaLost Book of BonnMarch 2024Historical
Ryan, JenniferThe Underground LibraryMarch 2024Historical
Gable, MichelleThe Beautiful PeopleApril 2024Historical
Huguley, PiperAmerican DaughtersApril 2024Historical
Schaffert, TimothyThe Titanic Survivors Book ClubApril 2024Historical
Thompson, KateThe Wartime Book ClubApril 2024Historical
Vasilyuk, SashaYour Presence Is MandatoryApril 2024Historical
Wood, DaisyThe Royal LibrarainApril 2024Historical
Barnes, S.A.Ghost StationApril 2024Horror
Kerin, LizFirst LightApril 2024Horror
Alvarez, JuliaThe Cemetery of Untold StoriesApril 2024Literary Fiction
Khong, RachelReal AmericansApril 2024Literary Fiction
Kim, Crystal HanaThe Stone HomeApril 2024Literary Fiction
Lu, WenyanThe Funeral CryerApril 2024Literary Fiction
Potero, Alana S.Bad HabitApril 2024Literary Fiction
Taylor, JustinRebootApril 2024Literary Fiction
Williams, FionaThe House of Broken BricksApril 2024Literary Fiction
Nichols, PeterGranite HarborApril 2024Mystery
Sampson, FreyaNosy NeighborsApril 2024Mystery
Brown, Rita MaeFeline FataleApril 2024Mystery
Deveraux, JudeAn Unfinished MurderApril 2024Mystery
Graves, SarahDeath by Chocolate Raspberry SconeApril 2024Mystery
Hillerman, AnneLost BirdsApril 2024Mystery
Muller, MarciaCircle in the WaterApril 2024Mystery
Paretsky, SaraPay DirtApril 2024Mystery
Shelton, PaigeThe Poison PenApril 2024Mystery
Thompson, VictoriaMurder in Rose HillApril 2024Mystery
Action, HellyBegin AgainApril 2024Contemporary Fiction
Adams, Sarah NishaThe Twilight GardenApril 2024Contemporary Fiction
Burr, SamuelThe Fellowship of PuzzlemakersApril 2024Contemporary Fiction
Gramazio, HollyThe HusbandsApril 2024Contemporary Fiction
Leavitt, CarolineDays of WonderApril 2024Contemporary Fiction
Novak, BrendaTourist SeasonApril 2024Contemporary Fiction
Robinson, IshiSweetness in the SkinApril 2024Contemporary Fiction
Towles, AmorTable for TwoApril 2024Short Stories
Eddings, MazeyLate BloomerApril 2024Contemporary Romance
Henry, EmilyFunny StoryApril 2024Contemporary Romance
Holiday, JennyEarls TripApril 2024Historical Romance
Jimenez, AbbyJust for the SummerApril 2024Contemporary Romance
Park, SuzanneOne Last WordApril 2024Contemporary Romance
Bardugo, LeighThe FamiliarApril 2024Fantasy
Ford, DanielNecrobaneApril 2024Fantasy
Liu, CixinA View from the StarsApril 2024SF
Matharu, TaranDragon RiderApril 2024Fantasy
Whitten, HannahThe Hemlock QueenApril 2024Fantasy
Wolf, SaraHeavenbreakerApril 2024SF
Baldacci, DavidA Calamity of SoulsApril 2024Thriller
Hepworth, SallyDarling GirlsApril 2024Thriller
Kubica, MaryShe's Not SorryApril 2024Thriller
Miranda, MeganDaughter of MineApril 2024Thriller
Panowich, BrianNothing but the BonesApril 2024Thriller
Preston, DouglasExtinctionApril 2024Thriller
Sherwood, KimA Spy LIke MeApril 2024Thriller
Graham, HeatherThe Reaper FollowsApril 2024Thriller
Winslow, DonCity in RuinsApril 2024Thriller
Hall, Rachel HowzellThe Last OneApril 2024Thriller
Mack, CatherineEvery Time I Go On Vacation, Someone DiesApril 2024Mystery
Steel, DanielleOnly The BraveApril 2024Historical Fiction
Chiaverini, JenniferThe Museum of Lost QuiltsApril 2024Historical Fiction
Clark, Mary HigginsIt Had To Be YouApril 2024Suspense
Sandford, JohnToxic PreyApril 2024Mystery