Fiction Alert

AuthorTitlePub. DateGenre
Andrews, Mary KayThe High Tide ClubMay 2018Women's Fiction
Atkins, AceThe SinnersJuly 2018Thriller
Atkins, AceRobert B. Parker's Old Black MagicMay 2018Mystery
Backman, FredrikUs Against YouJune 2018Literary Fiction
Barclay, LinwoodA Noise DownstairsJuly 2018Thriller
Beaton, M.C.The Dead RingerOctober 2018Mystery
Brooks, TerryThe Skaar InvasionMay 2018Fantasy
Castillo, LindaA Gathering of SecretsJuly 2018Mystery
Chamberlain, DianeThe Dream DaughterOctober 2018Women's Fiction
Clinton, Bill & James PattersonThe President is MissingJune 2018Thriller
Coes, BenBloody SundayJune 2018Political Thriller
Connolly, JohnThe Woman in the WoodsJune 2018Thriller
Coulter, CatherineParadoxJuly 2018Thriller
Doiron, PaulStay HiddenJuly 2018Thriller
Douglas, ClaireLast Seen AliveJuly 2018Thriller
Ellison, J.T.Tear Me ApartSeptember 2018Thriller
Frank, Dorothea BentonBy Invitation OnlyMay 2018Women's Fiction
Giffin, EmilyAll We Ever WantedJune 2018Women's Fiction
Graham, HeatherEchoes of EvilSeptember 2018Thriller
Graham, HeatherPale as DeathJuly 2018Thriller
Groff, LaurenFlorida: StoriesJune 2018Short Stories
Gross, AndrewButton ManSeptember 2018Historical Thriller
Haywood, SarahThe CactusMay 2018Family Life
Hilderbrand, ElinThe Perfect CoupleJune 2018Women's Fiction
Hilderbrand, ElinWelcome to ParadiseOctober 2018Women's Fiction
Hopkins, EllenA Sin Such as ThisMay 2018Women's Fiction
Horowitz, AnthonyThe Word is MurderJune 2018Mystery
Jance, J.A.Field of BonesSeptember 2018Thriller
Johansen, IrisDouble BlindJuly 2018Mystery
Kellerman, JonathanA Measure of DarknessJuly 2018Thriller
Kenyon, SherrilynDeath Doesn't BargainMay 2018Fantasy
King, Laurie R.Island of the MadJune 2018Mystery
King, StephenElevationOctober 2018Suspense
King, StephenThe OutsiderJune 2018Thriller
Kingsolver, BarbaraUnshelteredOctober 2018Literary Fiction
Koontz, DeanThe Crooked StaircaseMay 2018Horror
Kubica, MaryWhen the Lights Go OutSeptember 2018Thriller
Macomber, DebbieCottage by the SeaJuly 2018Women's Fiction
Maden, MikeTom Clancy Line of SightJune 2018Thriller
Makkai, RebeccaThe Great BelieversJune 2018Literary Fiction
Mallery, SusanWhen We Found HomeJuly 2018Women's Fiction
McCall Smith, AlexanderThe Quiet Side of PassionJuly 2018Mystery
McLain, PaulaLove and RuinMay 2018Historical Fiction
Morris, HeatherThe Tattooist of AuschwitzSeptember 2018Historical Fiction
Morton, KateThe Clockmaker's DaughterOctober 2018Literary Fiction
Paretsky, SaraShell GameOctober 2018Mystery
Paris, B.A.Bring Me BackJune 2018Psychological Thriller
Parnell, SeanMan of WarSeptember 2018Military Thriller
Patterson, JamesJuror #3September 2018Thriller
Patterson, JamesMurder in ParadiseJune 2018Thriller
Pearson, AllisonHow Hard Can It Be?June 2018Popular Fiction
Preston, Douglas & Lincoln ChildThe Pharaoh KeyJune 2018Thriller
Robards, KarenThe Moscow DeceptionJune 2018Spy Thriller
Robb, J.D.Leverage in DeathSeptember 2018Police Procedural
Shalvis, JillRainy Day FriendsJune 2018Romance
Shapiro, B.A.The Collector's ApprenticeOctober 2018Historical Fiction
Showalter, GinaThe Darkest WarriorJune 2018Paranormal Romance
Silva, DanielThe Other WomanJuly 2018Thriller
Slaughter, KarinPieces of HerJuly 2018Thriller
Sparks, NicholasEvery BreathOctober 2018Romance
Steel, DanielleThe Good FightJuly 2018Women's Fiction
Steel, DanielleThe CastMay 2018Women's Fiction
Thor, BradSpymasterJuly 2018Thriller
Tyler, AnneClock DanceJuly 2018Literary Fiction
Ward, J.R.ConsumedOctober 2018Romantic Suspense
Weisberger, LaurenWhen Life Gives You LululemonsJune 2018Women's Fiction
Wiggs, SusanBetween You and MeJune 2018Women's Fiction
Woods, Stuart TurbulenceJune 2018Thriller