Fiction Alert

AuthorTitlePublication DateGenre
Gable, MichelleThe Beautiful PeopleApril 2024Historical
Huguley, PiperAmerican DaughtersApril 2024Historical
Schaffert, TimothyThe Titanic Survivors Book ClubApril 2024Historical
Thompson, KateThe Wartime Book ClubApril 2024Historical
Vasilyuk, SashaYour Presence Is MandatoryApril 2024Historical
Wood, DaisyThe Royal LibrarainApril 2024Historical
Barnes, S.A.Ghost StationApril 2024Horror
Kerin, LizFirst LightApril 2024Horror
Alvarez, JuliaThe Cemetery of Untold StoriesApril 2024Literary Fiction
Khong, RachelReal AmericansApril 2024Literary Fiction
Kim, Crystal HanaThe Stone HomeApril 2024Literary Fiction
Lu, WenyanThe Funeral CryerApril 2024Literary Fiction
Potero, Alana S.Bad HabitApril 2024Literary Fiction
Taylor, JustinRebootApril 2024Literary Fiction
Williams, FionaThe House of Broken BricksApril 2024Literary Fiction
Nichols, PeterGranite HarborApril 2024Mystery
Sampson, FreyaNosy NeighborsApril 2024Mystery
Brown, Rita MaeFeline FataleApril 2024Mystery
Deveraux, JudeAn Unfinished MurderApril 2024Mystery
Graves, SarahDeath by Chocolate Raspberry SconeApril 2024Mystery
Hillerman, AnneLost BirdsApril 2024Mystery
Muller, MarciaCircle in the WaterApril 2024Mystery
Paretsky, SaraPay DirtApril 2024Mystery
Shelton, PaigeThe Poison PenApril 2024Mystery
Thompson, VictoriaMurder in Rose HillApril 2024Mystery
Action, HellyBegin AgainApril 2024Contemporary Fiction
Adams, Sarah NishaThe Twilight GardenApril 2024Contemporary Fiction
Burr, SamuelThe Fellowship of PuzzlemakersApril 2024Contemporary Fiction
Gramazio, HollyThe HusbandsApril 2024Contemporary Fiction
Leavitt, CarolineDays of WonderApril 2024Contemporary Fiction
Novak, BrendaTourist SeasonApril 2024Contemporary Fiction
Robinson, IshiSweetness in the SkinApril 2024Contemporary Fiction
Towles, AmorTable for TwoApril 2024Short Stories
Eddings, MazeyLate BloomerApril 2024Contemporary Romance
Henry, EmilyFunny StoryApril 2024Contemporary Romance
Holiday, JennyEarls TripApril 2024Historical Romance
Jimenez, AbbyJust for the SummerApril 2024Contemporary Romance
Park, SuzanneOne Last WordApril 2024Contemporary Romance
Bardugo, LeighThe FamiliarApril 2024Fantasy
Ford, DanielNecrobaneApril 2024Fantasy
Liu, CixinA View from the StarsApril 2024SF
Matharu, TaranDragon RiderApril 2024Fantasy
Whitten, HannahThe Hemlock QueenApril 2024Fantasy
Wolf, SaraHeavenbreakerApril 2024SF
Baldacci, DavidA Calamity of SoulsApril 2024Thriller
Hepworth, SallyDarling GirlsApril 2024Thriller
Kubica, MaryShe's Not SorryApril 2024Thriller
Miranda, MeganDaughter of MineApril 2024Thriller
Panowich, BrianNothing but the BonesApril 2024Thriller
Preston, DouglasExtinctionApril 2024Thriller
Sherwood, KimA Spy LIke MeApril 2024Thriller
Graham, HeatherThe Reaper FollowsApril 2024Thriller
Winslow, DonCity in RuinsApril 2024Thriller
Hall, Rachel HowzellThe Last OneApril 2024Thriller
Mack, CatherineEvery Time I Go On Vacation, Someone DiesApril 2024Mystery
Steel, DanielleOnly The BraveApril 2024Historical Fiction
Chiaverini, JenniferThe Museum of Lost QuiltsApril 2024Historical Fiction
Clark, Mary HigginsIt Had To Be YouApril 2024Suspense
Sandford, JohnToxic PreyApril 2024Mystery
Andrews, Mary KaySummers at the SaintMay 2024Romance
Cain, MattBecoming TedMay 2024Contemporary Fiction
Chang, Abraham888 Love and the Divine Burden of NumbersMay 2024Contemporary Fiction
July, MirandaAll FoursMay 2024Contemporary Fiction
Roberts, NoraMind GamesMay 2024Thriller
Rowley,, StevenThe Guncle AbroadMay 2024Humorous Fiction
Thayer, NancyThe Summer We Started OverMay 2024Contemporary Fiction
Ward, Amanda EyreLovers and LiarsMay 2024Contemporary Fiction
Grisham, JohnCamino GhostsMay 2024Suspense
Dyroff, CharleeLoneliness and CompanyMay 2024Contemporary Fiction
Grabowski, AlinaWomen and Children FirstMay 2024Contemporary Fiction
Kunrzu, HariBlue RuinMay 2024Contemporary Fiction
Lytle, Alana B.Man's Best FriendMay 2024Psychological Fiction
Mongollon, MelissaOyeMay 2024Humorous Fiction
Mora, Nicholas MedinaAmerica del NorteMay 2024Political Fiction
O'Connor, ElizabethWhale FallMay 2024Historical Fiction
Tang, JiamingCinema LoveMay 2024Literary Fiction
Bennett, MichaelReturn to BloodMay 2024Mystery
Armstrong, KelleyDisturbing the DeadMay 2024Mystery
Carcaterra, LorenzoNonna Maria and the Case of the Lost TreasureMay 2024Mystery
Haines, CarolynLights, Camera, BonesMay 2024Mystery
Johnson, CraigFirst FrostMay 2024Mystery
MacNeal, Susan EkuaLast HopeMay 2024Mystery
Donlea, CharlieLong Time GoneMay 2024Thriller
Finlay, AlexIf Something Happens to MeMay 2024Thriller
McPhillips, FionaWhen We Were SilentMay 2024Thriller
Rosenblum, EmmaVery Bad CompanyMay 2024Thriller
Whitaker, ChrisAll the Colors of DarkMay 2024Thriller
Andrews, Brian and Jeffrey WilsonTom Clancy Act of DefianceMay 2024Thriller
Du Brul, JackClive Cussler The HeistMay 2024Thriller
Iles, GregSouthern ManMay 2024Thriller
Patterson, James24th HourMay 2024Thriller
Bond, CharlotteThe Firebourne BladeMay 2024Fantasy
Corrain, CaitCrown of StarlightMay 2024Fantasy
Logan, JamesSilverblood PromiseMay 2024Fantasy
Roth, VeronicaWhen Among CrowsMay 2024Fantasy
Thorne, RebeccaCan't Spell Treason without TeaMay 2024Fantasy
Armentrout, Jennifer L.Born of Blood and AshMay 2024Fantasy
Vo, NghiThe Brides of High HillMay 2024Fantasy
Jenner, NatalieEvery Time We Say GoodbyeMay 2024Historical Fiction
Oates, Joyce CarolButcherMay 2024Historical Fiction
Shaara, JeffThe Shadow of WarMay 2024Historical Fiction
Brown, HannahMistakes We Never MadeMay 2024Contemporary Romance
Cayouette, BettyOne Last ShotMay 2024Contemporary Romance
DeWitt, TarahSavor ItMay 2024Contemporary Romance
Feehan, ChristineDeadly StormsMay 2024Romantic Suspense
Fortune, CarleyThis Summer Will Be DifferentMay 2024Contemporary Romance
Lauren, ChristinaThe Paradise ProblemMay 2024Contemporary Romance
McKInlay, JennLove at First BookMay 2024Contemporary Romance
Perry, SarahEnlightenmentMay 2024Historical Fiction
Shattuck, JessicaLast HouseMay 2024Historical Fiction
Sykes, PlumWives Like UsMay 2024Contemporary Fiction
Hostin, SunnySummer on Highland BeachMay 2024Contemporary Fiction
Ailes, KatDead TiredJune 2024Mystery
Evanovich, JanetThe King's RansomJune 2024Mystery
Murali, RamDeath in the AirJune 2024Mystery
Pearson, JoannaBright and Tender DarkJune 2024Mystery
Felker-Martin, GretchenCuckooJune 2024Horror
Lima, AnandaCraft: Stories I Wrote for the DevilJune 2024Horror
Malerman, JoshIncidents Around the HouseJune 2024Horror
Sathue, E.K.youthjuiceJune 2024Horror
Temblay, PaulHorror MovieJune 2024Horror
Constantine, LivThe Next Mrs. ParrishJune 2024Contemporary Fiction
Elmendorf, DanaIn the Hour of CrowsJune 2024Contemporary Fiction
Hilderbrand, ElinSwan SongJune 2024Contemporary Fiction
Khakpour, PorochistaTehrangelesJune 2024Contemporary Fiction
Mallery, SusanFor the Love of SummerJune 2024Contemporary Fiction
Maynard, JoyceHow the Light Gets InJune 2024Contemporary Fiction
Miller, KirstenLula Dean's Little Library of Banned BooksJune 2024Contemporary Fiction
Moore, LizThe God of the WoodsJune 2024Contemporary Fiction
Steel, DanielleResurrectionJune 2024Contemporary Fiction
Williams, BeatrizHusbands & LoversJune 2024Contemporary Fiction
Wood, MonicaHow to Read a BookJune 2024Contemporary Fiction
Yoon, NicolaOne of Our KindJune 2024Contemporary Fiction
Chambers, EssieSwift RiverJune 2024Contemporary Fiction
Cusk, RachelParadeJune 2024Contemporary Fiction
Murrin, AlanThe Coast RoadJune 2024Contemporary Fiction
Vercher, JohnDevil is FineJune 2024Contemporary Fiction
Atkins, AceDon't Let the Devil RideJune 2024Thriller
Berry, SteveRed Star FallingJune 2024Thriller
Condie, AllyUnweddingJune 2024Thriller
Crichton, Michael and James PattersonEruptionJune 2024Thriller
Foley, LucyMidnight FeastJune 2024Thriller
Grant, Kimi CunninghamThe Nature of DisappearingJune 2024Thriller
Johansen, IrisOn the HuntJune 2024Thriller
Lloyd, ElleryThe Final Act of Juliette WilloughbyJune 2024Thriller
Luna, LouisaTell Me Who You AreJune 2024Thriller
Morris, WandaWhat You Leave BehindJune 2024Thriller
Nodarse, AlejandroBlood in the CutJune 2024Thriller
Sager, RileyMiddle of the NightJune 2024Thriller
Swanson, PeterA Talent for MurderJune 2024Thriller
Buehlman, ChristopherThe Daughters' WarJune 2024Fantasy
Dimova, GenovevaFoul DaysJune 2024Fantasy
Hamilton, EmilyThe Stars Too FondlyJune 2024SF
Kitasei, YumeStardust GrailJune 2024SF
Lin, Rosalie M.Daughter of CalamityJune 2024Fantasy
Linde, K. A.The Wren in the Holly LibraryJune 2024Fantasy
Sloan, RobinMoonboundJune 2024SF
Tchaikovsky, AdrianService ModelJune 2024SF
Topping, ZacRogue SequenceJune 2024SF
Chevalier, TracyThe GlassmakerJune 2024Historical Fiction
Dodd, ChristinaA Daughter of Fair VeronaJune 2024Historical Fiction
Thomas, Trisha R.The Secret Keeper of Main StreetJune 2024Historical Fiction
Center, KatherineThe Rom-CommersJune 2024Contemporary Romance
De la Rosa, LianaIsabel and the RogueJune 2024Historical Romance
Foster, LoriThe Love ShackJune 2024Contemporary Romance
Hazelwood, AliNot in LoveJune 2024Contemporary Romance
Rochon, FarrahPardon My FrenchieJune 2024Contemporary Romance
Grace, HannahDaydreamJune 2024Contemporary Romance
Hoyt, ElizabethNo Ordinary DuchessJune 2024Historical Romance
Lauren, ChristinaTangled Up in YouJune 2024Contemporary Romance
Shalvis, JillThe Summer EscapeJune 2024Contemporary Romance
Brenner, JamieA Novel Summer July 2024Popular Fiction
Brodesser-Akner, TaffyLong Island CompromiseJuly 2024Popular Fiction
Colgan, JennyClose KnitJuly 2024Popular Fiction
Elias, AshaPink Glass HousesJuly 2024Popular Fiction
Espach, AlisonWedding PeopleJuly 2024Popular Fiction
Giffin, EmilySummer PackJuly 2024Popular Fiction
Green, Lauren AlizaThe World after AliceJuly 2024Popular Fiction
Joella, EthanThe Same Bright StarsJuly 2024Popular Fiction
Lindo-Rice, MichelleThe Bookshop SisterhoodJuly 2024Popular Fiction
Neff, AmyThe Days I Loved You MostJuly 2024Popular Fiction
Shepherd, PengAll This and MoreJuly 2024Popular Fiction
Sennaar, MaiThey Dream in GoldJuly 2024Literary Fiction
Anderson, M.T.NickedJuly 2024Historical Fiction
Dunlay, Emily TeddyJuly 2024Historical Fiction
Lecoat, JennyBeyond SummerlandJuly 2024Historical Fiction
Moreno-Garcia, SilviaThe Seventh Veil of SalomeJuly 2024Historical Fiction
Quinn, KateThe Briar ClubJuly 2024Historical Fiction
Saint, JenniferHeraJuly 2024Historical Fiction
Velton, SoniaThe Nightingale's CastleJuly 2024Historical Fiction
Borgos, BruceShades of MercyJuly 2024Mystery
Grames, JulietLost Boy of Santa ChioniaJuly 2024Mystery
Afia, NekesaA Lethal LadyJuly 2024Mystery
McCall Smith, AlexanderThe Conditions of Unconditional LoveJuly 2024Mystery
Montclair, AllisonMurder at the White PalaceJuly 2024Mystery
Rosenfelt, DavidDog Day AfternoonJuly 2024Mystery
Cobb, MayThe Hollywood AssistantJuly 2024Suspense
Copeland, JohannaOur Kind of GameJuly 2024Thriller
Day, JamieOne Big Happy FamilyJuly 2024Suspense
Goodman, CarolReturn to Wyldcliffe HeightsJuly 2024Thriller
Lapena, ShariWhat Have You Done?July 2024Thriller
Newman, T.J.ExtinctionJuly 2024Suspense
Parker, T. JeffersonDesperation ReefJuly 2024Thriller
Patterson, James and MIke LupicaJane Effing SmithJuly 2024Thriller
Silva, DanielUntitled Silva Novel 2024July 2024Thriller
Cameron, MarcBad RiverJuly 2024Thriller
Coulter, CatherineFlashpointJuly 2024Thriller
Freeman, BruceRobert Ludlum's The Bourne ShadowJuly 2024Thriller
Kirsanow, PeterW.E.B. Griffin Zero OptionJuly 2024Thriller
Pearse, SarahThe WildsJuly 2024Thriller
Bailey, Tessa The Au Pair GirlJuly 2024Contemporary Romance
de la Cruz, MelissaThe Five Stages of Courting Dalisay RamosJuly 2024Contemporary Romance
Ferguson, LanaThe Game ChangerJuly 2024Contemporary Romance
Gamez, GabriellaThe Next Best FlingJuly 2024Contemporary Romance
James, EloisaViscount in LoveJuly 2024Historical Romance
Lee, JayciThe Prince is MineJuly 2024Contemporary Romance
Obuobi, ShirleneBetween Friends and LoversJuly 2024Contemporary Romance
Rowell, RainbowSlow DanceJuly 2024Contemporary Romance
Durst, Sarah BethThe SpellshopJuly 2024Fantasy
Gordon, MarianneThe Guilded CrownJuly 2024Fantasy
Grossman, LevThe Bright SwordJuly 2024Fantasy
Landers, MelissaThe Half King (Standard Edition)July 2024Fantasy
Lee, MiyeThe Dallergut Dream Department StoreJuly 2024Fantasy
Lyons, JennThe Sky on FireJuly 2024Fantasy
Pechacek, JaredThe West PassageJuly 2024Fantasy
Sagas, L.M. Gravity LostJuly 2024SF
Vee, Julia and Ken BebelleBlood JadeJuly 2024Fantasy
Harkness, DeborahThe Black Bird OracleJuly 2024Fantasy
Zahn, TimothyThe Icarus ChanglingJuly 2024SF
Patterson, James and J.D. BarkerConfessions of the DeadJuly 2024Horror
Tingle, ChuckBury Your GaysJuly 2024Horror
Brickman, SophiePlays Well With OthersAugust 2024Contemporary Fiction
Dare, AbiAnd So I RoarAugust 2024Contemporary Fiction
Fischer, MaribethA Season of Perfect HappinessAugust 2024Contemporary Fiction
Heller, PeterBurnAugust 2024Contemporary Fiction
PIcoult, JodiBy Any Other Name
August 2024Contemporary Fiction
Redmond, PamelaThe MatriarchAugust 2024Contemporary Fiction
Herngren, MoaThe DivorceAugust 2024Literary Fiction
Hughes, SianPearlAugust 2024Literary Fiction
Newman, NathanHow to Leave the HouseAugust 2024Literary Fiction
Ogawa, YokoMina's MatchboxAugust 2024Literary Fiction
Phillips, HelenHumAugust 2024Literary Fiction
Strout, ElizabethTell Me EverythingAugust 2024Literary Fiction
Weinberg, KateThere's Nothing Wrong with HerAugust 2024Literary Fiction
Barton, FionaTalking the StrangersAugust 2024Mystery
Lalli, S.C.The Plus OneAugust 2024Mystery
Taylor, Sarah StewartAgony HillAugust 2024Mystery
Wright, SnowdenThe Queen City Detective AgencyAugust 2024Mystery
Andrews, DonnaBetween a Flock and a Hard PlaceAugust 2024Mystery
Berenson, LaurienPumpkin Spice PuppyAugust 2024Mystery
Childs, LauraPeach Tree SmashAugust 2024Mystery
Cleeves, AnnThe Dark WivesAugust 2024Mystery
Kellerman, JonathanThe Lost CoastAugust 2024Mystery
Krueger, William KentSpirit CrossingAugust 2024Mystery
Pryor, MarkA Blood Red MorningAugust 2024Mystery
Quartey, KweiThe Whitewashed TombsAugust 2024Mystery
Quinn, SpencerA Farewell to ArfsAugust 2024Mystery
Reichs, KathyFire and BonesAugust 2024Mystery
Schaffhausen, JoannaAll the Way GoneAugust 2024Mystery
Smith, Ian K.Eagle RockAugust 2024Mystery
Tracy, P.J.City of SecretsAugust 2024Mystery
Walker, MartinA Grave in the WoodsAugust 2024Mystery
Bamford, EmmaEye of the BeholderAugust 2024Thrillers
Downes, AnnaRed River RoadAugust 2024Suspense
Flynn, Laurie ElizabethTill Death Do Us PartAugust 2024Thrillers
Gauntlett, A.E.The Stranger at the WeddingAugust 2024Thrillers
Maxwell, JessaI Need You to Read ThisAugust 2024Thrillers
Pekkanen, SarahHouse of GlassAugust 2024Thrillers
Sutanto, Jesse Q. You Will Never Be MeAugust 2024Thrillers
Ledwidge, MichaelNo Safe PlaceAugust 2024Thrillers
Preston, Douglas and Lincoln ChildAngel of VengenceAugust 2024Thrillers
Rollins, JamesArkangelAugust 2024Thrillers
Slaughter, KarinThis is Why We LiedAugust 2024Thrillers
Woodward, M.P.Tom Clancy Shadow StateAugust 2024Thrillers
Blumberg, ChandraSecond Tide's the CharmAugust 2024Romance
Carlyle, ChristyThe Duke and Lady ScandalAugust 2024Romance
Cho, ZenThe Friend Zone ExperimentAugust 2024Romance
Hart, LivyThe Great Dating Fake-OffAugust 2024Romance
McQuiston, CaseyThe PairingAugust 2024Romance
Meltzer, JeanMagical Meet CuteAugust 2024Romance
Nava, DanicaThe Truth According to EmberAugust 2024Romance
Harper, LanaRise and DivineAugust 2024Romance
Jackson, BrendaThe Cottage on Pelican BayAugust 2024Romance
Sharma, NishaMarriage & MastiAugust 2024Romance
Hopson, CaroleA Pair of WingsAugust 2024Historical Fiction
Jansma, KristopherOur Narrow Hiding PlacesAugust 2024Historical Fiction
Macallister, GreerThe Thirteenth HusbandAugust 2024Historical Fiction
Gruender, NatalyMedusaAugust 2024Myths
De Robertis, CaroThe Palace of ErosAugust 2024Myths
Sinaki, NavidMedusa of the RosesAugust 2024Myths
Babibrera, GinaThe Volcano DaughterAugust 2024Magical Realism
Collins, BridgetThe Silence FactoryAugust 2024Magical Realism
Dyer, AliiStrange FolkAugust 2024Magical Realism
Frey, ReaIn Every LifeAugust 2024Magical Realism
Hough, JulianneEverything We Never KnewAugust 2024Magical Realism
Jones, GaylUnicorn WomanAugust 2024Magical Realism
Cutter, NickThe QueenAugust 2024Horror
Hendrix, GradyWitchcraft for Wayward GirlsAugust 2024Horror
Iglesias, GabinoHouse of Bone and RainAugust 2024Horror
Lyons, MatthewA Mask of FliesAugust 2024Horror
Neville, StuartBlood Like MineAugust 2024Horror
Pedersen, KaileeSacrificial AnimalsAugust 2024Horror
Asby, MadelineGlass HousesAugust 2024SF
Corey, James A.Mercy of the GodsAugust 2024SF
Feist, RaymondDarkness ReturnsAugust 2024Fantasy
Kingfisher, T.A Sorceress Come to CallAugust 2024Fantasy
Maehrer, Hannah NicoleApprentice to the VillianAugust 2024Horror
Okorafor, NnediShe Who Knows: FirespitterAugust 2024SF
Virdi, R.R.Doors of MidnightAugust 2024Fantasy
Walter, HeatherCrimson CrownAugust 2024Fantasy
Sagara, MichelleCast in AtonementAugust 2024Fantasy