Fiction Alert

Here are some highly-anticipated titles coming soon!

AuthorTitlePublication DateGenre
Davis, Jenny FranDyketteMay 2023Literary Fiction/LGBT+
Kuang, RFYellowfaceMay 2023Literary Fiction
McIvor, BreanneThe God of Good LooksMay 2023Literary Fiction
Oza, JanikaA History of BurningMay 2023Literary Fiction
Patterson, James & Maxine PaetroThe 23rd MidnightMay 2023Thriller
Roberts, NoraIdentityMay 2023Thriller
Murphy, NoraThe New MotherMay 2023Suspense
Rosenblum, EmmaBad Summer PeopleMay 2023Thriller
Morton, KateHomecomingMay 2023Historical Fiction
Noble, ShelleyThe Tiffany GirlsMay 2023Historical Fiction
Paul, Crystal SmithDid You Hear About Kitty Karr?May 2023Historical Fiction
Saint, JenniferAtalantaMay 2023Historical Fiction/Mythology
Shaara, JeffThe Old Lion: A Novel of Theodore RooseveltMay 2023Historical Fiction
Weir, AllisonThe King's Pleasure: A Novel of Henry VIIIMay 2023Historical Fiction
Bauermeister, EricaNo Two PersonsMay 2023Contemporary Fiction
Barry, DaveSwamp StoryMay 2023Fiction/Humor
Brammer, MikkiThe Collected Regrets of CloverMay 2023Contemporary Fiction
Forrey, Avery CarpenterSocial EngagementMay 2023Contemporary Fiction
Hostin, SunnySummer on Sag HarborMay 2023Contemporary Fiction
Littlewood, FranAmazing Grace AdamsMay 2023Contemporary Fiction
Luo, SusiePaper NamesMay 2023Contemporary Fiction
McCall Smith, AlexanderThe Private Life of Spies and the Exquisite Art of Getting Even: StoriesMay 2023Short Stories
Thayer, NancyAll the Days of SummerMay 2023Contemporary Fiction
Paolini, ChristopherFractal NoiseMay 2023Science Fiction
Wells, MarthaWitch KingMay 2023Fantasy
Pekkanen, SarahGone TonightAugust 2023Thriller
Patterson, JamesLion & LambAugust 2023Thriller
Andrews, DonnaBirder, She WroteAugust 2023Mystery
Finch, CharlesThe Hidden CityAugust 2023Mystery/Historical
Hirahara, NaomiEvergreenAugust 2023Mystery
Pryor, MarkThe Dark Edge of NightAugust 2023Mystery/Historical
Acevedo, ElizabethFamily LoreAugust 2023Literary Fiction
Duncan, David JamesSun HouseAugust 2023Literary Fiction
Kiesling, LydiaMobilityAugust 2023Literary Fiction
Murray, PaulThe Bee StingAugust 2023Literary Fiction
Googins, Nick FullerThe Great TransitionAugust 2023Literary Fiction
Byrne, JamesDeadlockAugust 2023Thriller
Slaughter, KarenAfter that NightAugust 2023Thriller
Brennan, AllisonNorth of NowhereAugust 2023Thriller
Brown, SandraUntitledAugust 2023Thriller
Goldin, MeganDark CornersAugust 2023Thriller
Jaworowski, KenSmall Town SinsAugust 2023Thriller
Jewell, LisaNone of This Is TrueAugust 2023Thriller
Donoghue, EmmaLearned by HeartAugust 2023Historical Fiction
Power, Mona SusanA Council of DollsAugust 2023Historical Fiction
Avery, LaraThe Year of Second ChancesAugust 2023Contemporary
Leichter, HilaryTerrace StoryAugust 2023Contemporary
Blake, OlivieMasters of DeathAugust 2023Fantasy
Carey, JacquelineCassiel's ServantAugust 2023Fantasy/Romance
Kingfisher, T.ThornhedgeAugust 2023Fantasy
Okosun, EhigborForged by BloodAugust 2023Fantasy
Parker-Chan, ShelleyHe Who Drowned the WorldAugust 2023Fantasy/Historical Fiction
Ward, CatrionaLooking Glass SoundAugust 2023Horror
Chua, AmyThe Golden GateSeptember 2023Mystery/Historical
Cleeves, AnnThe Raging StormSeptember 2023Mystery
Robb, J.D.Payback in DeathSeptember 2023Mystery
Arias, John ManuelWhere There Was FireSeptember 2023Literary Fiction
Patchett, AnnTom LakeAugust 2023Literary Fiction
Palahniuk, ChuckNot Forever, But For NowSeptember 2023Literary
Groff, LaurenThe Vaster WildsSeptember 2023Literary
Smith, ZadieThe FraudSeptember 2023Literary
Jance, J.A.Blessing of the Lost GirlsSeptember 2023Thriller
King, StephenHollySeptember 2023Thriller
Patterson, James23 1/2 LiesSeptember 2023Thriller
Patterson, JamesJane SmithSeptember 2023Thriller
Armentrout, Jennifer L.Fall of Ruin and WrathSeptember 2023Fantasy
Armstrong, KelleyHemlock Island September 2023Horror
Key, Justin C.The World Wasn't Ready for YouSeptember 2023Short Stories
Vo, NghiMammoths at the GatesSeptember 2023Fantasy
Woods, KellAfter the ForestSeptember 2023Fantasy
Hannah, SophieHercule Poirot's Silent NightOctober 2023Mystery
Kelly, JuliaA Traitor in WhitehallOctober 2023Mystery/Historical
Adegoke, YomiThe ListOctober 2023Literary Fiction
Lethem, JonathanBrooklyn Crime NovelOctober 2023Literary Fiction
Ward, JesmynLet Us DescendOctober 2023Literary Fiction
Lahiri, JhumpaRoman StoriesOctober 2023Short Stories
Torres, JustinBlackoutsOctober 2023Literary Fiction
Child, Lee & Andrew ChildThe SecretOctober 2023Thriller
DeMille, Nelson & Alex DeMilleBlood LinesOctober 2023Thriller
Preston, DouglasExtinctionOctober 2023Thriller
Sandford, JohnUntitled PreyOctober 2023Thriller
Woods, StuartObsessionOctober 2023Thriller
Kwok, JeanThe Leftover WomanOctober 2023Women's Fiction
Steel, DanielleSecond ActOctober 2023Women's Fiction
Eekhout, AnneMary and the Birth of FrankensteinOctober 2023Historical Fiction
Griffith, NicolaMenewoodOctober 2023Historical Fiction
Morris, HeatherSisters Under the Rising SunOctober 2023Historical Fiction
Basu, SamitJinn-Bot of ShantiportOctober 2023SF
Davis-Goff, SarahSilent CityOctober 2023Dystopian
Guanzon, TheaThe Hurricane WarsOctober 2023Fantasy/Romance
Harrow, Alix E.Starling HouseOctober 2023Fantasy
Kadrey, RichardThe Dead Take the A TrainOctober 2023Fantasy
Kelly, GretaQueen of DaysOctober 2023Fantasy/Epic
Maniscalco, KerriThrone of the FallenOctober 2023Fantasy/Epic
Sanderson, BrandonYumi and the Nightmare PainterOctober 2023Fantasy