Fiction Alert

Here are some highly-anticipated titles coming soon!

AuthorTitlePub. DateGenre
Whitehead, ColsonHarlem ShuffleSeptember 2021Historical Fiction
Thayer, NancyFamily ReunionMay 2021Women's Fiction
Sweeney, Cynthia D'Aprix Good CompanyMay 2021Literary Fiction
Roberts, NoraLegacyMay 2021Women's Fiction
Kubica, MaryLocal Woman MissingMay 2021Thriller
Reid, Taylor JenkinsMalibu RisingMay 2021Literary Fiction
Andrews, Mary KayThe NewcomerMay 2021Women's Fiction
Weir, AndyProject Hail MaryMay 2021SF
Lupica, MikeRobert B. Parker's PaybackMay 2021Mystery
Solomon, RiversSorrowlandMay 2021SF
Graham, HeatherThe UnforgivenMay 2021Thriller
Lahiri, JhumpaWhereaboutsMay 2021Literary Fiction
Jenoff, PamWoman with the Blue StarMay 2021Historical Fiction
Williams, BeatrizOur Woman in MoscowJune 2021Historical Fiction
Johansen, IrisThe BulletJune 2021Suspense
Box, C.J. Dark SkyJune 2021Thriller
Lippman, LauraDream GirlJune 2021Suspense
Hilderbrand, ElinGolden GirlJune 2021Women's Fiction
Woods, StuartJackpotJune 2021Thriller
DeMille, NelsonThe MazeJune 2021Thriller
Evanovich, JanetThe Recovery AgentJune 2021Mystery
Joshi,, AlkaThe Secret Keeper of JaipurJune 2021Mystery
Bentley, DonTom Clancy Target AcquiredJune 2021Action & Adventure
Jance, J.A.Unfinished BusinessJune 2021Mystery
Michaelides, AlexThe MaidensJune 2021Thriller/Psychological
Taddeo, LisaAnimalJune 2021Literary Fiction
Harris, Zakiya DalilaThe Other Black GirlJune 2021Literary Fiction
Massey, SujataThe Bombay PrinceJune 2021Mystery
Sharpson, NeilWhen the Sparrow FallsJune 2021Action & Adventure
Starford, RebeccaAn Unlikely SpyJune 2021Historical Fiction
Paris, B.A.The TherapistJuly 2021Thriller
Reichs, KathyJuly 2021Medical Thriller
Ferrell, CarolynDear Miss MetropolitanJuly 2021Literary Fiction/African-American
Austin, EmilyEveryone in This Room Will Someday Be DeadJuly 2021Literary Fiction
Macomber, DebbieIt's Better This WayJuly 2021Women's Fiction
Lapena, ShariNot a Happy FamilyJuly 2021Women's Psychological Fiction
Constantine, LivThe Stranger in the MirrorJuly 2021Suspense
Miranda, MeganSuch a Quiet PlaceJuly 2021Thriller
Sager, RileySurvive the NightJuly 2021Horror
Silva, DanielUntitledJuly 2021Thriller
Chiaverini, JenniferThe Women's MarchJuly 2021Historical Fiction
Beverly-Whittemore, MirandaFierce Little ThingJuly 2021Suspense
Goodman, CarolThe Stranger Behind YouJuly 2021Thriller
Hamilton, Glen ErikIsland of ThievesJuly 2021Suspense
Sullivan, ConnorSleeping BearJuly 2021Thriller
Castillo, LindaFallenJuly 2021Mystery/Police Procedural
Jones, DaryndaA Good Day for ChardonnayJuly 2021Mystery
Todd, CharlesAn Irish HostageJuly 2021Mystery/Historical
Christie, AnnetteThe RehearsalsJuly 2021Women's Fiction
Clancy, ChristinaShoulder SeasonJuly 2021Women's Fiction
Gelman, LaurieYoga Pant NationJuly 2021Women's Fiction
Guillory, JasmineWhile We Were DatingJuly 2021Romance
Straczynski, J. MichaelTogether We Will GoJuly 2021Literary Fiction
Parker-Chan, ShelleyShe Who Became the SunJuly 2021Fantasy
Roy, LucindaThe Freedom RaceJuly 2021SF
Van Loan, RyanThe Justice in RevengeJuly 2021Fantasy
Harmel, KristinThe Forest of Vanishing StarsJuly 2021Historical Fiction
Anam, TahmimaThe Startup WifeJuly 2021Literary Fiction
Bell, MattAppleseedJuly 2021Literary Fiction
McDonell, NickThe Council of AnimalsJuly 2021Literary Fiction
Burke, James LeeAnother Kind of EdenAugust 2021Mystery
Preston, DouglasBloodlessAugust 2021Suspense
Woods, StuartClass ActAugust 2021Thriller
Steel, DanielleComplicationsAugust 2021Women's Fiction
Davidson, AshDamnation SpringAugust 2021Literary Fiction
Coes, BenThe IslandAugust 2021Thriller
Krueger, William KentLightning StrikeAugust 2021Mystery
Penny, LouiseThe Madness of CrowdsAugust 2021Mystery
Patterson, JamesThe NoiseAugust 2021Thriller
Hawkins, PaulaA Slow Fire BurningAugust 2021Thriller
Moreno-Garcia, SilviaVelvet Was the NightAugust 2021Thriller
Cook, RobinViralAugust 2021Medical Thriller
Coulter, CatherineVortexAugust 2021Thriller
Awad, MonaAll's WellAugust 2021Literary Fiction
McConaghy, CharlotteOnce There Were WolvesAugust 2021Literary Fiction
Westgate, MeredithThe Shimmering StateAugust 2021Literary Fiction
Ngamije, RemyThe Eternal Audience of OneAugust 2021Literary Fiction
Rollins, JamesKingdom of BonesAugust 2021Thriller
Stevens, ChevyDark RoadsAugust 2021Thriller
Bailey, AnnaWhere the Truth LiesAugust 2021Suspense
Douglas, ClaireThen She VanishesAugust 2021Suspense
Garza, AmberWhere I Left HerAugust 2021Thriller
Moore, TaylorDown RangeAugust 2021Thriller
Jones, Stephen GrahamMy Heart is a ChainsawAugust 2021Horror
Kadrey, RichardKing BulletAugust 2021Fantasy/Urban
Salvatore, R.A.Starlight EnclaveAugust 2021Fantasy
Alderson, KaiaSisters in ArmsAugust 2021Historical Fiction/African-American
Ferguson, SarahHer Heart for a CompassAugust 2021Historical Fiction
Gable, MichelleThe Bookseller's SecretAugust 2021Historical Fiction
Harrison, NicolaThe Show GirlAugust 2021Historical Fiction/Women's Fiction
Pearce, A.J.Yours CheerfullyAugust 2021Historical Fiction
Bell, MarcelaThe Wildest RideAugust 2021Romance/Multicultural
Gideon, MelanieDid I Say You Could GoAugust 2021Women's Fiction
Lange, TraceyWe Are the BrennansAugust 2021Family Life
Patterson, James2 Sisters Detective AgencyOctober 2021Private Investigators
Moriarty, LianeApple Never FallSeptember 2021Thriller
Hunter, StephenBasil's WarMay 2021Historical Fiction
Rooney, SallyBeautiful World, Where Are YouSeptember 2021Women's Fiction
Child, LeeBetter Off DeadOctober 2021Adventure Fiction
Powers, RichardBewildermentSeptember 2021Literary Fiction
Brown, SandraBlind TigerAugust 2021Historical Thrillers
Kellerman, JonathanThe BurningSeptember 2021Thriller
Soyinka, WoleChronicles from the Land of the Happiest People on EarthSeptember 2021Literary Fiction
Burcell, RobinClive Cussler's the Serpent's EyeSeptember 2021Adventure Fiction
Doerr, AnthonyCloud Cuckoo LandSeptember 2021Literary Fiction
Franzen, JonathanCrossroadsOctober 2021Literary Fiction
Perry, AnneA Darker RealitySeptember 2021Historical Mystery
Flynn, VinceEnemy at the GatesSeptember 2021Thriller
Robb, J.D.Forgotten in DeathSeptember 2021Mystery Romance
Johansen, IrisHigh StakesSeptember 2021Mystery
Patterson, JamesJailhouse LawyerSeptember 2021Thriller
Escandon, Maria AmparoL.A. WeatherSeptember 2021Literary Fiction
Parnell, SeanLeft for DeadSeptember 2021Thriller
Toibin, ColmThe MagicianSeptember 2021Literary Fiction
Kurian, VeraNever Saw Me ComingSeptember 2021Thriller
Jewell, LisaThe Night She DisappearedSeptember 2021Thriller
Patterson, JamesParis DetectiveDecember 2021Thriller
Lupica, MikeRobert B. Parker's Stone's ThrowSeptember 2021Thriller
Andrews, Mary KayThe Santa SuitSeptember 2021Thriller
Lefteri, ChristySongbirdsAugust 2021Literary Fiction
Weiner, JenniferThat SummerMay 2021Women's Fiction
Graham, HeatherThe UnknownSeptember 2021Paranormal Fiction
Evanovich, JanetGame OnNovember 2021Mystery
Sparks, NicholasThe WishSeptember 2021Women's Fiction
Itami, EmilyFault LinesSeptember 2021Literary Fiction
Ritter, JoshGreat Glorious Goddamn of It AllSeptember 2021Literary Fiction
Meltzer, JeanThe Matzah BallSeptember 2021Romance
Aoki, RykaLight from Uncommon StarsSeptember 2021SF
Byrne, MonicaThe Actual StarSeptember 2021SF
Herbert, Brian and Kevin J. AndersonDune: The Lady of CaladanSeptember 2021SF
Kristoff, JayEmpire of the VampireSeptember 2021SF
Novik, NaomiThe Last GraduateSeptember 2021SF
Dahl, JuliaThe Missing HoursSeptember 2021Suspense
Dang, CatherineNice GirlsSeptember 2021Suspense
Faulkner, KatherineGreenwich ParkSeptember 2021Thriller
Cash, WileyWhen Ghosts Come HomeSeptember 2021Literary
Cleeves, AnnThe Heron's CrySeptember 2021Mystery
Cordova, ZoraidaThe Inheritance of Orquidea DivinaSeptember 2021Fantasy
Klune, TJUnder the Whispering DoorSeptember 2021Fantasy
Patterson, James21st BirthdayMay 2021Thriller
Steel, DanielleNine LivesJuly 2021Women's Fiction
Thor, BradBlack IceJune 2021Thriller
Hoffman, AliceBook of MagicOctober 2021Historical Fiction
Roberts, NoraChristmas EverlastingOctober 2021Holiday Fiction/Romance
Solomon, AsaliDays of AfreketeOctober 2021Literary Fiction/African-American Fiction
Macomber, DebbieDear SantaOctober 2021Holiday Fiction/Romance
Williams, BeatrizDemon LiquorOctober 2021Historical Fiction
Unger, LisaLast Girl GhostedOctober 2021Thriller
Towles, AmorLincoln HighwayOctober 2021Historical Fiction
Connolly, JohnNameless OnesOctober 2021Mystery
Rosenfield, KatNo One Will Miss HerOctober 2021Thriller
Wilde, LoriSecond Chance ChristmasOctober 2021Holiday Fiction/Romance
Clinton, Hillary Rodham and Louise PennyState of TerrorOctober 2021Mystery
Kumar, AmitavaA Time Outside This TimeOctober 2021Literary Fiction
French, NicciThe UnheardOctober 2021Thriller
Carr, RobynA Virgin River ChristmasOctober 2021Holiday Fiction/Romance
Pride, ChristineWe Are Not Like ThemOctober 2021Literary Fiction
Verble, MargaretWhen Two Feathers Fell from the Sky October 2021Historical Fiction
Morris, HeatherThree SistersOctober 2021Historical Fiction
Colgan, JennyThe Christmas BookshopOctober 2021Holiday Fiction
Shipman, ViolaThe Secret of SnowOctober 2021Holiday Fiction
Beaton, M.C. with R.W. GreenDown the HatchOctober 2021Mystery/Cozy
Hall, TamronAs the Wicked WatchOctober 2021Mystery
McCall Smith, AlexanderJoy and Light Bus CompanyOctober 2021Mystery
Eggers, DaveThe EveryOctober 2021Literary Fiction
Kawaguchi, ToshikazuTales from the CafeOctober 2021Literary Fiction
Mattson, JamesReprieveOctober 2021Literary Fiction
Grant, Kimi CunninghamThese Silent WoodsOctober 2021Thriller
Laskowski, TaraThe Mother Next DoorOctober 2021Thriller
Deaver, JeffreyFinal TwistMay 2021Suspense
Shipstead, MaggieGreat CircleMay 2021Literary Fiction