Find a Rainbow at the Library!

International Children’s Book Day falls annually on April 2, and National Find a Rainbow Day follows close behind on April 3. This year, we’re challenging you to find a children’s book with a rainbow on the cover! How many can you find? Here are some examples to help you on your search.

Still Mine
What happens when the person you love is gone? Your heart hurts and you miss them, but even though your eyes can’t see them anymore and your arms can’t hug them, they are still there, still yours to love … just in a different way.




Zadie and the Stripey Sock
Tired of being ignored, Zady decides to run away, but as she packs she realizes one of her favorite stripey socks is missing and interrogates each member of her family to its whereabouts.




The Rainbow Parade
A girl recounts her first time marching with her two moms at a Pride Parade.




Rainbow Stew
On a rainy summer day, three children and their grandpa pick vegetables in his garden and then cook and share a delicious meal of his famous Rainbow stew.




This Love
Celebrate love from all around the world! A series of gentle rhymes sensitively explores what love feels like to children.




Rainbow Letters
A guardian angel sibling sends a well-wishing message to the newest addition of their family. But how is it delivered? Filled with whimsical illustrations and a touch of magic, Rainbow Letters celebrates rainbow babies–children born after pregnancy or infant loss–while capturing the beauty of life and beyond.



Rainbow Hands
When a little boy paints his nails with his mom’s nail polish, he finds colors to express his every mood and feeling.




Noah’s Ark The Brick Bible for Kids
The Bible story of Noah and his ark filled with every animal on Earth has been beloved by children for years. And now, for the first time, Noah’s Ark is brought to life through LEGO bricks!



My Rainbow
A dedicated mom puts love into action as she creates the perfect rainbow-colored wig for her transgender daughter, based on the real-life experience of mother-daughter advocate duo Trinity and DeShanna Neal.




Every Color
A girl teaches a polar bear to see the colors in his environment as they take a trip around the world.