Interlibrary Loan (ILL) FAQs

Contents for Interlibrary Loan (ILL) FAQs

1. What is Interlibrary Loan?

Interlibrary loan, or ILL, is a service through which items not owned by a library may be requested from another library. The Warren-Newport Public Library (WNPL) participates in both interlibrary borrowing (borrowing items from other libraries) and interlibrary lending (sending items out to other libraries). This FAQ will deal primarily with interlibrary borrowing.

2. Who may request items through ILL?

Any WNPLD cardholder in good standing may request items through ILL.

3. What do I need in order to request items through ILL?

Before you request items you will need to have an ILL account, which is separate from your regular library circulation account.  The Adult Services staff can create an ILL account for you, or you may create your own. If you do create your own account, please remember your password. If you forget your password, ILL staff can reset it, but cannot look it up.

4.  What types of items may I request?

You may request books, videos, CDs, DVDs/Blu-rays, audiobooks, scores, and magazine/journal articles.

5. Are there any types of items I cannot request?

You cannot request items in formats that WNPL does not lend to other  libraries for example: computer software/hardware, e-resources, Playaway views, video games,  whole issues of magazines, or any item that is owned by WNPL.

New items may be requested, but might be unavailable due to their popularity.

Items previously requested are subject to a two-week waiting period before the title may be requested by the same cardholder.

6. How long does ILL take?

It typically takes between 1-4 weeks to obtain an item through ILL, although the time frame may be longer, or even, on rare occasions, shorter. Many of the factors that determine how quickly an ILL arrives, such as how fast holding libraries respond to the request, are beyond WNPL’s control.

7. Does ILL cost me anything?

There is usually no charge for ILL. On rare occasions, a holding library may charge a fee for lending; if that is the case and you still want to obtain an item through ILL, you would be expected to pay the charge before the request is placed.

There is a $5.00 processing fee per item if you do not pick up your ILL item by its due date. You will be told the due date when you are notified that your ILL is available.

Users of ILL may be subject to a fine if the item is damaged or lost. This fine will be determined by the lending library.

8. How will I know that my ILL items have arrived?

When you set up your ILL account, you will be asked how you want to be contacted when your items arrive. You may specify e-mail or telephone notification. If we are unable to contact you by either e-mail or telephone, we will mail a notification to you. You may also login to your ILL account to see if your items have arrived.

9. Is there a limit to the number of ILL requests I can make?

You may have up to ten (10) items in process and/or checked out at any one time.

10. How will I know if an item I have requested cannot be obtained through ILL?

If we cannot obtain a requested item for you through ILL, the ILL office will notify you via e-mail or U.S. mail.

11. Where do I pick up an ILL item?

ILL items that are awaiting pickup are stored behind the check-out desk; please ask for them there. Please bring your library card with you when you arrive to pick up ILL items.

12. Can I renew an ILL item?

The lending library determines if the item may be renewed. Generally, an ILL item may be renewed one time for one week.

13. Where do I return my ILL items?

Please return ILL items to the WNPL main library check-out desk, or to the WNPL bookmobile. You may also place them in a WNPL book drop.

14. What are the overdue fines for ILL items?

Overdue fines, if any, are determined by the lending library. Any overdue fines will be passed along to the library patron.

15. May I obtain the textbooks I need for my college class through ILL?

Occasionally, college textbooks may be obtained through ILL. However, students are advised not to depend on ILL to obtain their textbooks for several reasons:

  1. Current textbooks with recent copyright dates may not be available.
  2. Textbooks may not arrive in time to be useful.
  3. ILL loan periods may be short, especially when compared to the length of a semester.
  4. The lending library may recall the textbook at any time.

16. Where can I get additional assistance with my ILL requests?

For additional assistance with setting up an ILL account or making an ILL request, please contact the Adult Services Department at 847/244-5150, ext. 4 or The Adult Services staff is available any time the library is open. For additional assistance with an ILL request that has already been made, please contact the ILL department at 847/244-5150  ext. 3034 or Please note that the ILL department is open 9-3, Monday through Friday.