Mobile Services Updates

Mobile Services Moving in the Right Direction

Exciting news!

WNPL’s Outreach Services department will be expanding to offer more services in the community than ever. The new department, Mobile Services, will offer:

• More visits to schools, senior centers, community gathering centers, and community events, while transitioning away from neighborhood stops. Homebound services will continue, as will preschool stops.
• More time at locations for easier access to our services. In the future, mobile Wi-Fi and other technologies are being envisioned as well.
• Pop-up programming for all ages, in addition to more traditional services, such as access to books and DVDs.
• Visibility more often and in more places to serve our communities with varied needs more efficiently.
• A fleet of mobile vehicles, including the current bookmobile and van, with more service flexibility.

Mobile Services staff look forward to serving you in innovative and refreshing ways throughout this transition. Please be advised that the current schedule of neighborhood stops will end on Thurs., Feb. 2.

Please visit this page for FAQs and more information.